All Aboard, Lets get on the cruise

Before I picked my boots and started visiting places in real, it was always books which took me to places far and near. I have always loved to travel and see the world through words and imagination. Yes, it is fun to be virtually transported to amazing places that may not be possible for everyone to visit.  Well, only books give you that privilege to rejoice without expenses and tickets and live some romance too….

Lets get talking around the new book ‘All Aboard’ that takes you riding on the waves…

All ABoard, Kiran Manral, Penguin Books

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1 year ago at the Merdeka (National Day) celebrations of Malaysia

Malaysia won its independence from the British colonial rule in 1957 and it celebrates 31st August as its ‘National Day’ each year. Last year on this day, I had attended the beautiful celebration of color, pomp, splendor and patriotism on its 57th Independence Day of  in its capital, Kuala Lumpur.  I never wrote an exclusive post around this experience and thus this one has been due long time. What better than reliving the memorable experience exactly after an year, on the same date.

At Merdeka, last year in Malaysia

Hari Merdeka, 58th National Day, Kuala Lumpur
From the left is me with Vaishakhi and Ragini

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I had an exclusive and perfect ‘foodie-time’ at Penthouse


The moment we entered the first floor of PENTHOUSE at GK-I, N Block Market, it reminded me of a friend’s house that had a floor only meant for partying till the wee hours of morning. No less, this space (meant for 50 people) with a similar concept looked absolutely stunning,  cozy, intimate and perfect for mingling with close friends.

The staff helped us to settle down quick and easy. As soon as I was comfortable, I got my eyes rolling and looked around while a scented candle made its way to our table. The dim light, warm ambiance and the simple decor of the property spoke of luxury and grandeur. The wooden floor, neatly stacked books, high chairs, small stools and soft couches added a classy touch to the entire setup.


Candle Light Dinner , Penthouse
Candle Light Dinner , Penthouse

The bar was on my left and it looked colorful and inviting. It had been a humid day in Delhi and I was anyways looking forward to some interesting summer coolers on the Friday evening. Adding drinks to our food has become a habit now. Must say, food industry in Delhi has been buzzing tremendously and with new restaurants coming up almost everyday, its time for unique reinventions.  No matter how much one may spend on decor, styling, interiors, presentation, but one can catch the nerve of the people only through the best food and drinks in the town. 

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20 pictures which will tempt you to do the road-trip to Murthal

Paranthas are not just staple food for the Punjabis, even people of the state of U.P. are quite fond of it.  While paronthe (as called in a Punjabi family) are stuffed with all seasonal vegetables, in U.P. they prefer to eat aloo ki sabzi with paranthas. Why they, rather I should be saying ‘me’. Having tasted the culinary styles of both the states very closely, I can clearly differentiate the preparation style too. In my husband’s family we love them solid, huge, prepared on tandoor, stuffed and served with dollops of white butter while my people back home in Lucknow prefer them soft, thin and fried on tawa.

Murthal dhabbas and its favourite, the paranthas
No guesses! This one is a Punjabi Parantha

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5 Museums at one place, Norwegian glories at Bygdøy Peninsula

There is something about Europe that fascinates us all but this stunning city is closest to my heart. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said I had one of the best time of my life in Oslo, Norway.  If I could have my way, I wouldn’t have wanted to come back from there. During the five days of the week, hubby would attend his job and I would enjoy the gorgeous neighborhood views, read books, write blogs, enjoy the snow fall and cook small bites. I loved my every day routine there and every time I stepped out of the house,  the beautiful landscape of the capital city took my heart away.

My travel stories…

Norway offers one of the finest networks of museums anywhere
Bygdøy Peninsula- I loved the quietness and the calmness of thi place.

Mention of Norway immediately transports one to fjords, vikings, mountains, museums, northern lights and midnight sun. The capital city-Oslo is a gorgeous piece of land and in winters, some of its landscape would look like an art. We lived in the downtown and our favorite hangout places used to be Oslo city center and Karl Johans gate (the most popular street). The weekends promised far away places. On one of the Saturdays we visited the famous Bygdøy Peninsula to acquaint ourselves with the maritime past of Oslo.

Bygdoy-five museums offering a widely-varied view of Norway's past,

Bygdoy-A collection of 5 museums salute the spirit of Norway’s love for expeditions and adventures. 

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Marina Bay Sands – The Iconic Lion City



Marina Bay Sands-Skyline
Skyline of the Lion City

I visited Singapore less than a year ago and frankly speaking, I was awed by this epitome of luxury and compelling attractions. If you are visiting Singapore, then it is hard to keep away from this man-made architectural marvel developed by Las Vegas Sands. Marina Bay Sands is a charmer amidst the Singaporean skyline. If you have an eye for luxury and opulence, you are in for a dream treat here. One visit is not enough to live through it all because Marina Bay boasts of unending list of attractions. Three cascading hotel towers, a lotus shaped museum, world class theaters, luxurious retail stores, rocking casino, and celebrity chef restaurants; all make it fancy and grand. The indoor skating rink was under construction when I had visited Singapore in November, 2014. Last but not the least, the MasterCard theaters are all about world-class entertainment.

The Helix bridge and the Marina Bay Resorts
View of Marina Bay Sands hotel and the Helix bridge

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#Chhattisgarh: 40 fascinating, fun, features that charmed me!

I thought 25 in my list would make a big number to sum up its exquisite presence but by the time I was done with all the 37 booklets, a mix of Incredible India (Chhattisgarh Tourism Board) and lonely planet pocket guides, forty seemed a small figure. Yes, I have been reading around the state of Chhattisgarh for a week now and the written words have made me high on art, culture, history, tribes, forest, temples, handicrafts, legends, architecture, festivals, caves, Buddhism, waterfalls and greenery. Honestly, I am surprised to learn that this state ( a chunk of Madhya Pradesh), that came into being in the year 2000 is a store-house of incredible beauty and rich cultural inheritance.


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Who travels to Riyadh? Well, I did with my consultant hubby!

Gosh, don’t tell me you wore that burka in Riyadh!  Isn’t Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only about oil, desert and Islam? … the questions that still jump in and around!

Yes, I did wear Abaya! No, its not all desert! Well only when you look from the flight at the time of landing, it does feel like that but not when you are in the middle of the city.

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Indian Travel blogger
The city of Riyadh in the night. I captured this picture from the 100 floor of Kingdom Center. This building is one of the major landmarks of the capital city.

Hubby has visited Saudi Arabia for his project in Riyadh, Jeddah and beyond, not once but nine times. I remember when he was packing his bag for the sixth time, I had declared to him, ‘Next time you got to take me along  or you don’t go’. He thought I was talking insane under the affect of yet another 4 weeks of separation that was staring at us. I repeated to clear the concussion of any sort. I am coming next time.

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All about my trip to Tehri Dam in Uttarakhand

At the mention of Tehri or Tehri dam, what flashes in your mind first?  Bhagirathi River, Uttrakhand, Tehri Dam movement, Man-made lake, Tehri Hydro Development Corporation, Highest, Biggest dam or something else!  Well this post will touch upon all aspects and more. Last month I got an opportunity to see this high rock and earth-fill embankment dam. Yes, its the highest in India. Indeed, an engineering marvel it is!

Tehri project Area
Welcome to Tehri project Area


The Tehri Dam,  Bhagirathi River, Uttrakhand, Incredible India
The Tehri Dam on the Bhagirathi river and the Tehri Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant

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Curious about FAM trips, contests and brand collaborations that take you traveling, Read here!

If you love traveling, I am sure the header will make you curious, if not excited. Not everybody loves FAMs but I know many who wanna bag them. First, what are FAMs? I did not know until I won my first one last year. Well, for the established bloggers its no mantra. They have done it and they know it all but this is for all those who are yet to experience it and often ask me personally in various blogger meets. I feel good about it when I get tweets which say ‘Just visited your site, you seem to have won many trips.’ I love the praise. But that’s just the good people who say that way. Seriously, there have been hate mails, ugly watsapp messages and critical forum discussions around it too. Last year I was upset about it and I thought that was just an year where I got lucky with lots of travel trips. But the year of 2015 has infused confidence in me because my blog has already helped me to win 8 (big and small) sponsored travel trips. With no second thoughts,  I have come to believe that there are people who love my work and have absolute faith in my writing abilities.

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