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 2014 is the 100th anniversary of World War I (or, The Great War) and this story is build around those times. I was touched to read this one about a boy and his father who is sent for the war and the young lad does all to bring back his father.  The book contains the simplest and most effective blurb that I have even seen and it says it is a book which is about a son, a father, a secret and a train journey.  There are many books that we read but some just linger around for too long. This book falls in the category wherein the sweet taste and the warmth of the words is too good to die down soon.


John Boyne (born 30 April 1971 in Dublin) is an Irish novelist.

Book Review


Isn’t it a beautiful one? Thats dear Alfie at the left corner. I got a proof read copy which had a simple cover.


The theme of the book is LOVE…. that a son feels for his father… and goes through all troubles to get his father back from the WAR hospital.

A small boy of 9 tells his story.  His name is Alfie Summerfield and he is absolutely cute as his name. The story revolves around World War I when the men had no choices but to sign for the front. Alfie’s father too has to leave his son, his wife, his mother and the city to go and serve the country. This happens when Alfie was five. For four years, the father doesn’t return and Alfie has no clue about him.

The young boy narrates his story from his fifth birthday,  the last one his parents put together for him before the war, their separation and the worst times. There are moments when he absolutely wins over the hearts of readers. One feels so touched by his innocence. His connection and fascination with one book was very interesting. Whenever, he had time he would always read and re-read the book ‘The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe’ which his neighbors and freeings had gifted him for his birthday. Read the rest of this entry »

BALI… My first trip outside India

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Bali, the smallest province of Indonesia is beautiful. It has splendid beaches, lovely greens, traditional temples, vast paddy and ‘kangkung’ fields.

In 2011, I traveled to Bali in the second week of November. The three days packages did not attract me as I was keen on a long getaway. We settled for nothing less than ten days and it turned out to be one of my best trips. It all began with a little preparation and the most useful of all was the information that I had collected by reading several blogs. Hubby was impressed with blogger wife. Did I tell you Bali was my first trip with hubby dear?

At Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, also called Denpasar international Airport, Indians have the privilege of on arrival Visa, thus it was all hassle free. So whenever you want, just go for it.

On the way to the hotel, we got the first glimpse of Bali, it had an Asian appeal. I felt comfortable and at home. Colorful umbrellas (white, black, yellow and red) in front of every door step made me curious. (They depict their Gods with these colors) Beautiful carvings and large statue structures stood high in the center of the cross-roads and they made my eyes gleam.

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I am searching still…

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My theme is around specific words starting from the appropriate letter.. Today its simply about I, an independent and complete word in itself.


I cried hard and they declared I was born,

In pain, in pool of blood, smiled a sweet face,

I recognized not her, not anyone,

Outside the womb, I liked the lights,

Everything around seemed magical,

Soon I saw some happy faces around me,

They hugged me, kissed me,

But all I did was I cried and I slept.

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CONTEST: Election Time, Party Manifesto, The Dying Farmer

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The goons came in a bunch. They harassed him, beat him black and blue. He did not resist because he had no strength. The body failed him. The family had not eaten a morsel of Roti for the last three days. The children howled and his wife cried in silence. When they were gone, he spoke not a word but sank deep in thoughts. There was fear all over him not from death but failure. His crops had been destroyed due to the hailstorm and he owed money from the moneylenders, a sum which he could never pay.

Soon, he gave a weak smile. The thought that had been at the back of his mind for days took full control of his senses completely. He stood up, looked around the house, walked to the river and chose to get drowned. How easily he embraced death because it made him free from all the pain….

By M


                                                  Farmer Read the rest of this entry »

HATE is not just enough for these Super 10

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Today’s Letter is H and I wanna write about HATE.

“No, I am not bitter, I am not hateful, and I am not unforgiving. I just don’t like you.”
C. JoyBell C.

HATE is not a great word to know but we often experience it.  Hatred is a strong emotional dislike, detest for people, nagging behavior, their things or ideologies. Many a times it is not about hate but something close to it or beyond it but we club it all together.  The best way we adopt to react to this feeling is that we keep away from all those habits and people whom we hate, Don’t we?  But what about those who love you more than you hate… They never mend their ways and also never forget to give you reasons to hate them more…Thus, Hate has a funny side too….

10 Questions I hate being asked

  • When I was young, I really hated this one when they asked me…‘ Whom do you love more, Mumma or Daddy? ‘ Its so tough to answer this one… how can you choose between your two eyes… I never ever ask this one to any child…
  • Exams have never been fun for anybody but the moment the grueling thing came to end, everyone pounced on us asking one question without fail ‘How was the paper?’  I literally dreaded this question.  To add a funny side to it, I had created a unique answer too, ‘ The paper was black and white, I was expecting colored one.’
  • Ofcourse, I am a single child and mostly those who  knew always had this ask…. ‘ You don’t want a brother or a sister?’   No Aunty, I really don’t want anyone to share my parents’ love, please… I am so good being the apple of their eye.
  • ‘How are you?’ is another fake question that really irritates me. How often do we answer it truthfully? I hate it most when my Boss comes up with this question because I really can’t tell him that I am not good because of him.
  • Whats your age?  Omg! Please spare me with this….I am still too young..

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GO GIRLS, you got to achieve the GOAL

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My theme is to write around everyday simple words.

Today, G is for GIRLS and GOALS…

Here is a brave story of those who are exemplary of absolute passion. The story of four GIRLS running a tea stall and selling rotis to make some money to follow their heart, their love for their favorite sport. Facing all odds and challenges of society, they are set to march ahead. They dream to play for the country and hit nonstop goals….. GO GIRLS!!!

Dooars XI is an all-girl football team. The club is run by Bhabani Munda, their coach. The irony is that these girls who aim to do don’t even own a football or a pair of shoes of their own but what they possess is power to inspire us to follow our dreams. KNOW MORE ABOUT THEM  http://doright.in.


Football team of Girls                                                                                    


Our Beautiful and Brave Girls of Dooars XIare here to rock,
They have the zeal and the passion,
They have the strongest determination,
A tea stall they run to do something their heart wants,
And what it beats for, it desires to PLAY!
Not Cricket but FOOTBALL,
Yes! they have a club too,
Having no shoes of their own,
And  with borrowed pairs of their brothers or others,
They make big GOALS,
Some play at National level as well,
But they earn in nothings,
Just a jersey, a tracksuit and some socks,
Anything for the Love of Sports and dream to play for country.

Lets #DoRight and Support them.

This HALF STORY is from KALCHINI, West Bengal in association with TATA CAPITAL and INDIBLOGGER

10 favorite words with F

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With Life getting complicated each single day, simplicity is losing its essence.  Thus I thought of writing an easy post, made up of simplest words that have so much importance in our life and the best coincidence about them is that they all begin with F. 

10 Favorite words with F

Fan : Even if the A/C have come to be, even today come summers and you can’t be without turning on the Fans. They are so important element of our rooms. Momma says as a child I was absolutely delighted to see a moving Fan.

Fun : In the stressful days, fun has become pricey.  Extracting fun in life keeps it going.

Face : Don’t we all love our face? Its part of our demeanor.  The most attractive part of our body is the Face.  Make up would have no essence if it was not the face. Our facial expressions have so much to say. 

Food : We have grown on it. There is no life without if. It gives us energy.  A day without food is not an easy day. Food is one of the basic needs of existence and survival. We work to fend for ourselves.  Food and Flavor are inseparable.

Fashion :  Whats in vogue? You can’t be without it. The dress you wear, the cream you apply or the soap you use, its all part of fashion. A small word but too lavish in its existence. Tipy Tipy Top, What Color you what?

Farmhouse : A lavish land away from the city which has all the luxuries of life. Wow! I would want this from my farmhouse. I really hope to buy one some day.

Festivals : An annual calender without a list of festivals has no meaning, watsay? Festivals are about celebrations. They bring a fervor of fun and enjoyment. In the busy and mundane living, festive times  take us back to our home, to our culture and traditional ways.

Favor : When all things go wrong, a little favor is what you want. A favor from any God send person would do. Of course, not the bribes and under the table thingies  but I am talking about the helping hand that turns the day for us.

Friends : The sweetest people who need no description. An unsaid relationship that has no ifs and buts, but keeps us all bonded forever.

Family : They are always there for you. If it wouldn’t be them, life would be lonely.

 Happy Blogging!!!