Yesss, That was a #LiveLodgycal Weekend in Goa


#Livelodycal Ride in Goa and the highlights of 3 super fun days!

Goa Again!

Goa Again!

The biggest blogger meet happened in Goa at LiveLodgycal Drive
The biggest blogger meet happened in Goa at LiveLodgycal Drive

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I love to Flaunt!  Why not?

Well if I said I don’t care about being in the Top 50 or Top 40 list of bloggers in India, of course I would be lying. I do care about the numbers where it really matters. Being a blogger who loves to call herself social butterfly, how could I afford to miss the biggest blogger get-together and Monsoon dhamaka that happened at the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa from  19th to 21st June! Continue reading Yesss, That was a #LiveLodgycal Weekend in Goa

Have you eaten Mandi and more cousins of Biryani?

Biryani and its cousins, Mandi, Shawaya Rice
Mandi is a famous Yemeni cousin of Biryani

Having lived in Lucknow for the first fifteen years of my life, none can take away my special fondness for Lucknawi Biryani. Well, I really don’t remember how old I was when my taste buds surrendered in love to the spices and flavors of Chicken or Lamb meat cooked in the rice but the affair has been going strong and steady. My fondness has been such that I distinctly remember asking Mum that why did she make two dishes, a chicken curry and rice separately when she could do away with just one dish – Biryani, dats it!   ( I love chicken meat more than lamb)

Shake me in my sleep and ask me my favorite meal, I bet I would utter anything else other than chicken cooked in rice. Earlier I would have spelled Biryani right away but now  I know its cousins which are cooked in unique spices and are equally tempting. I am bad with cooking but yes traveling has put me across different types of Biryani and my taste buds have relished them distinctly.

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Lets do a Scrapbook on Happy Life!

I am used to getting lovely books delivered to my house almost very week (book-lover is me) and as I unpack the courier packets my heart never misses to do a happy dance. Since childhood the sight of new books always filled me with joy and happiness. My Mum tells me that I wouldn’t eat until I had turned all the pages of my new books. I am reminded of it all because when the ‘My Long and Happy Life Scrapbook’ and the ‘Money Book’ from Exide Insurance arrived yesterday, I just couldn’t control the child in me. Almost instantly I sat down to work on the empty pages of the scrapbook. Like a restless one, I turned all its colorful pages to assuage my curiousity. I wanted to cut, stick and play right away. The Money book looked cute too but I decided to organize the financial numbers with my husband later.

The two colorful books made me a child again!
The two colorful books that made me a curious child !

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PHOTOSTORY: Travel blogger became an #OYOxplorer in GOA


With every travel, holiday or trip, we usually bring back amazing stories, lovely captures, precious memories and uncountable savoring moments.  But there are few experiences which give your more. Its been nine days that I have been back from my recent trip to Goa and I am totally in love with the hashtag  #OYOxplorer.  I refuse to give up because travel-blogger sounds old,  OYOxplorer sounds super-cool and totally in vogue.


GOA souvenirs
GOA souvenirs


Recently OYO rooms did a massive blogathon in 4 cities (Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Gurgaon) and a special one in GOA.  Oh yes, I must confess I did do a happy dance when I had received a call that I was selected for the GOA fun.   :-)

Through this post, I wanna relive the moments just the way they happened… mind it this is not going to be about a travel post on Goa but about being an #OYOxplorer in Goa.  In fact, this trip made me feel like a modern day explorer many times after one of my relatives posted a comment on my Facebook status calling me the same.

The way it started!, Goa, OYO rooms, OYOxplorer
The way it started!

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When you are a Consultant’s wife, you know this life….

When you have a husband who works very-very hard in one of the BIG FOUR management and strategy consulting firms,  you must learn to thrive on these three key-words audit, tax, and advisory.  (Honestly, I am hopeless on all the three.)

Read to know what it is to be a partner to one super energetic guy,  however the term ‘Partner’ is mentioned quite often in the house and definitely this ‘Partner’ is not you.

  • When you marry a Consultant, you walk into a glamorous world! Yes, I call it so because your life is hardly touched by monotony.  Even though your parents may thank God uncountable number of times for blessing you with a wonderful partner and a settled life,  I bet you will never settle down. You live with a room mate, who packs his bag, leaves on a Monday morning, returns in the wee hours of Friday night and leaves again the following Monday.


  • You have all the space in your life, room, cupboard more than you have ever wanted. You live your life, make your decisions because most of the time when you need a second opinion, his plane has already lost touch with the runway. By the time it lands, you are done with the ambiguity. A consultant is always on-the-go, thus the room and the bed is all yours. More, he perfectly knows the art of living a life out of a suitcase, thus you can shop in abundance and  keep the Almirah to yourself. 

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#Boltdrives and the fun ride to Neemrana

Agenda of the DAY– #Boldtdrives to NEEMRANA fort 
BOLT and BLOGADDA came together

It was 10th of May of 2015. It was one of the most looked forward day of the week, a Sunday. It was one of the days when the Sun gave us no mercy from his scorching heat-rays. When the temperature soars, Delhiites usually prefer to stay inside the house but not the Delhi bloggers. 15 of us were super enthusiastic to be a part of the BOLT drive for which TATA  MOTORS and BLOGADDA had sent us a warm invite.  Continue reading #Boltdrives and the fun ride to Neemrana

My stay at Balcony Chiang Mai Village


A relaxed stay-house or a comfortable hotel is a very important part of any trip be it vacation, holiday or work. Be it any place, a roof over the head is most important. As a traveller, I prefer starting my day from a cosy comfort and returning back to a warm and clean bed of my room.  Hospitable and courteous staff is another thing that stays in mind for long after I return from a hotel.

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10 highlights of my trip to Chiang Mai- “Rose of the North Thailand”

It is always a great feeling to travel to a place where you have never been before. No doubt traveling pulls me out of my comfort zone but it definitely makes me feel more alive. Thus, I love to travel and pick on different experiences as much as possible. 

Chiang Mai
CHIANG MAI is famous for its Art and Culture

I am just back from my trip to Chiang Mai in Thailand and I am writing this post to recollect all the fun that I did there.  Of course SONGKRAN festival was the theme of the FAM trip but I have 9 more highlights to add to it.

Chiang Mai is a beautiful province surrounded by picturesque hill tribe villages,  stunning natural beauty and scenic mountains.  It is equally renowned for being country’s top shopping destination for art and craft. Thailand’s second city is adorable and cute. Unlike Bangkok, it has a relaxed and laid-back feel about itself.  In its peaceful pace of life,  it has plenty of things to offer to the tourists.

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In Singapore, I loved the common food of its indigenous people!

Merlion in Singapore
In Singapore, visiting the Merlion is a must. In the same way not eating the local food is a sin. Food is a very serious affair in Singapore!


Food republic, Singapore, Travel Places to Eat in Singapore
Yes, Singapore is a Food Republic. It is a food loving nation.

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eKAVACH your loved ones in the online world

Internet and eKAVACH!

Well it seriously bothers me when today’s kids start early but on the wrong note. Before learning other things, they begin to hum Honey Singh’s abusive lyrics and google Sunny Leone’s dance numbers. None is to be blamed but its all about over-exposure to technology. Its seeping in deep in our lifestyle. Electronic devices are kid’s first best friends and internet is like a game to them. We grew up playing board games and they play Angry birds. How many of us are bothered? Are we keeping a real time watch on them? Is it even possible to keep a check on their reach when a click is all that matters? 

 Ekavach on my phone
eKAVACH your childs’ phone

Parental control is possible

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Every Selfie Crazy Must Have #PICPAL

A few years ago it wasn’t a part of our lifestyle. But today it has become a worldwide craze. It is thought to be funny, trendy and super-cool. Our body image together with our face value has found a self-definition. With a smartphone in hand we simply love doing it. Yes, I am talking about the selfie craze that has taken all over of us. We love to grab every moment that makes us happy and attract attention from people who make our circle. In the olden days self-portrait had that vanity but selfie is more about showing around the cool things that we do.


                                                                    Picture Courtesy

Are you bitten by this self-love yet? And even if you are not I am sure you have your friends who just can’t live without sharing their selfies while on vacation, eating out with friends, doing quirky activities, etc. I bet you enjoy catching up their updates and at times mutter a wish too to be as cool as them. You want to post that lovely picture of your face too which could get you lots of love in the form of likes and comments. This post is all about to tell you about a cool new free appPICPAL  (you can download it at ) which will enhance all that craze. This is a real time and a collage making application. It is about selfie generation with friends at different location and social content creation too.

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Air Asia: I had a pleasant experience on the Goan route

Flying in the air was always a much-sought after dream for mankind. Thank God, we conquered it soon!

Those who travel regularly hardly realize that its still a luxury affair.  The first take-off always feels very-very special. I underwent this realization when I recently met an elderly woman aged around 45 who was flying for the first time. I could easily read the anxiousness and the happiness on her face. She almost behaved like a curious kid who kept stooping to my side to see the land, sea, clouds from the heights. I helped her with the seat-belt and offered my window seat on her request. No doubt I love them too but I felt so happy to see her ecstatic at the sight of cottony spread in the sky.

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The cottony world fascinates the child in me!

While my consultant husband travels a lot in and out and enthusiastically collects air-miles,  I never miss a chance to try and educate myself around different flight services to match up to him. Here is a new experience. I recently got a chance to fly Air Asia from New Delhi to Goa and back.

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