3 stories, I must tell because we must see around us differently

The world is wide and vast, its people are amass and its glories are too many. Thank God we have our two little eyes to show us the best of all.  We see a  beautiful form of life and we call it many names- pretty , attractive, beauteous, bonny (also bonnie), comely, cute, drop-dead because we know what it looks like. Think of them who aren’t so lucky!

Come Lets change the way we ‘SEE things around Us’

I have 3 little stories to share… 

  • A little boy loses a pencil a day. His parents are perturbed. Father says-‘ Is he so dumb that he loses one everyday’. Mum – ‘Someone is stealing it everyday, there are thieves in the school’.  When they meet the teacher at PTM, she says- ‘Your son loves making friends and he gifts a pencil to a new friend everyday.’  Whats the take? This reminds us that nowadays we hardly trust others around us and we have absolutely forgotten that people with good intentions exist. High time that we start seeing things around us differently and in positive spirit. Not everyone has bad intentions.


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5 and more, Discover India and Stay Uniquely

In the WORLD that I am constantly traveling, I am endlessly exploring and experiencing the change around me.

Change is the only constant in life. Our habits, our outlook, our way of living life has been changing with time and so often effortlessly. Even our hobbies, interests and passion take a u-turn with time. A few years ago, while I enjoyed reading only romance, now I am mostly keen on thrillers. Not just as a reader but as a traveler too, I have undergone sweet changes in my perspective. First, everything touristy used to attract me but now my eyes get excited at  everything that’s off-beat and local.

And the good news is that its not just me but the entire travel community is undergoing a sea-change.  People are traveling more, experimenting more and localizing all the more. A decade back, for a middle class family travel happened once or at max twice in a year. One was a trip to grandparents place and second it could be to a relative’s fanciful house in an exotic locale. For the luckier one’s it was an LTC trip too with parents that happened once in two years. But with the increase in the purchasing power, our generation loves to do the luxurious indulgences. All Okay! But I am not okay because I don’t believe in one trip a year neither two is enough for me rather if I had a chance I could go on traveling non-stop.

Yes! You got it right, I have to carefully plan my budget because traveling involves money. But expenses cannot be the excuse for traveling less. It’s too trivial a reason to give up on the idea of living a beautiful experience. And thus I am always on a lookout for everything that is here to help the passionate traveler in me.  In today’s world there is no dearth of amazing apps and wonderful sites that make our travel experiences absolute fun. Cheers to my new find, lets discover My IndianStay , that helps us to holiday in beautiful cities of India by offering interesting vacation rentals. It is a platform to connect travelers and local hosts to discover unique stay options.

Here are my 5 best picks where I want to go, live, explore, discover and take a break from my monotonous daily routine.  Not just the look of the home-stays are enticing,  I have my  own interesting reasons to go for them.

Roots, Shoots and Bed in Kalimpong, Vacation Rentals, My India Stay
Roots, Shoots and Bed in Kalimpong

There is a whole house to you then why stay in a hotel. Wow, I like the red stairs and am loving the roots and shoots around the house. Makes a great place for some hide and seek play.

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I enjoyed Buttermilk in Bangkok at Bawarchi

The famous glass of Buttermilk
When I had buttermilk in Bangkok at Bawarchi


Who opts for a glass of Buttermilk in Bangkok when there is Beer on the table? Well,  its always fun to do the unlikely and when you don’t drink, it doesn’t matter its beer or rum. When Vaishali asked for a Mango drink and I ordered for a Buttermilk, the two guys (Gaurav and Arpit from TOI and HT ) stared at both of us in amazement. Well Vaishali was still excused because she is picky with food options, the boys did not spare me until they gave me a new name ‘Buttermilk’ for the rest of the trip. Even today when they ping me, it comes as  ‘Hi Buttermilk’… Read on to know what fun we had at Bawarchi, Indian restaurant chain in Bangkok on the first day of Songkran.


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Its fun to be a consultant’s wife but you got to master it all

Thank you for reading the last post and showering it with lots of love –   When you are a Consultant’s wife, you know this life…

Here is the second one in the #Consulting series!

If you are married to a Consultant, I am sure you know the 4 C’s- Corporate-Clientele, Constant- Commutation, Crazy-Competition and  Cappuccino-Cocktail that have a strong presence  in your husband’s life. To top it, the deadly Combination of all of these leads to the Cranking in your life.  How does one handle? Well as consultant’s wives, we have to ace many arts of life… Lets list them!


  • You got to sound super strong even though you may be feeling a weakling in your heart.   Its a great life as a consultant’s wife when the spouse is around but the moment ‘Check-Ins’ begin, life goes crackling. Its super-tough to lie, convince and assure your parents, friends that you are doing amazing when the truth is living alone, missing hubby, having only a mobile to chat over, crying in low moments, and curling with a book on most of the nights is really giving you hard times.

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Its royal, its photogenic : Neemrana fort

If you live in Delhi-NCR and are craving for a short holiday to yourself or a family weekend getaway, let me suggest you to drive down NH-8 and take a stop-over at Neemrana fort. Last week I got a chance to experience the historic setting and old charm of this palatial architecture and indeed I enjoyed my time within its periphery. I was lucky with only three hours in hand and thus I used it best by clicking pictures. Honestly, this wasn’t enough and now I am tempted for a stay-over.


Lets walk in Neemrana Fort Palace



Neemrana, fort, Getaway from Delhi, Alwar
Built in 1464, this beautiful fort is a hotel resort now


Neemrana fort has a palatial look and its eye catching building connects you to the history of 15th century. It is situated on a hillock in the vicinity of Aravali hills around Alwar.  Re-built from its ruins, this heritage property was restored in 1986 and it was opened for public in 1991 and now it is one of the 27 Neemrana ‘non- hotel’ Hotels.  Continue reading Its royal, its photogenic : Neemrana fort

When you are a Consultant’s wife, you know this life….

When you have a husband who works very-very hard in one of the BIG FOUR management and strategy consulting firms,  you must learn to thrive on these three key-words audit, tax, and advisory.  (Honestly, I am hopeless on all the three.)

Read to know what it is to be a partner to one super energetic guy,  however the term ‘Partner’ is mentioned quite often in the house and definitely this ‘Partner’ is not you.

  • When you marry a Consultant, you walk into a glamorous world! Yes, I call it so because your life is hardly touched by monotony.  Even though your parents may thank God uncountable number of times for blessing you with a wonderful partner and a settled life,  I bet you will never settle down. You live with a room mate, who packs his bag, leaves on a Monday morning, returns in the wee hours of Friday night and leaves again the following Monday.


  • You have all the space in your life, room, cupboard more than you have ever wanted. You live your life, make your decisions because most of the time when you need a second opinion, his plane has already lost touch with the runway. By the time it lands, you are done with the ambiguity. A consultant is always on-the-go, thus the room and the bed is all yours. More, he perfectly knows the art of living a life out of a suitcase, thus you can shop in abundance and  keep the Almirah to yourself. 

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#Boltdrives and the fun ride to Neemrana

Agenda of the DAY– #Boldtdrives to NEEMRANA fort 
BOLT and BLOGADDA came together

It was 10th of May of 2015. It was one of the most looked forward day of the week, a Sunday. It was one of the days when the Sun gave us no mercy from his scorching heat-rays. When the temperature soars, Delhiites usually prefer to stay inside the house but not the Delhi bloggers. 15 of us were super enthusiastic to be a part of the BOLT drive for which TATA  MOTORS and BLOGADDA had sent us a warm invite.  Continue reading #Boltdrives and the fun ride to Neemrana

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep: The spectacular Buddhist temple

Wat Phra Thart Doi Suthep
The gorgeous GOLDEN PAGODA of the Wat Phra Thart Doi Suthep temple
Lanna-style wat
A temple complex that consists of many small temple areas. The main area is this where the original copper plated chedi thrives.

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I will not prove myself everyday!


Woman is beyond beauty!



Women in Leadership – This is such a wonderful topic to write for when blogging makes your beautiful voice. As a women, I feel this is the ‘it topic’ to celebrate my own leadership as a freelancer, short-story writer, blogger, home-maker and an engineer who believes that #everywomanisaleader no less, no more.

Until I consider myself beautiful, I will not be able to appreciate the beauty of others.

 Night’s cozy snug,
Morning’s warm hug,
The banana shake,
Teamed with delicious marble cake,
Sunshine rays glittering in the house,
My laptop always with the mouse,
Mumma’s yummy delights,
Siblings love and cozy-fights,
Daddy’s heartwarming pep-ups,
Grandma’s round the year concerns,
I am truly happy if you let me be in my world, in my cocoon,
Here I  jump, dance, blog, cook, work, read or croon.


I do not like it when people tell me do it like the Men I believe in doing my work like a Women.

I am the only child to my parents and neither of them has ever told me that I am the son of their family, they have always felt proud saying that I make a wonderful daughter. My family gave me the first lessons on leadership. They always said, ‘Do as you wish because we trust you.’ Continue reading I will not prove myself everyday!

With the Cuckoo Clock at my home, here I join the German Traditions

My previous trips to Europe have been like fairy tale stories. Having lived in Oslo for more than a month and been around Sweden, France and Switzerland, my love for Europe has been enhanced manifold. We all know that this part of the world is blessed with unfathomable beauty, gorgeous landscapes, splendid culture and inspiring customs and traditions. Europe is intoxicating indeed!

Lets do a virtual trip to Germany before I present a brief about the GNTO press conference that I recently attended. Quoting the words of the Ambassador Mr. Stein…

Germany makes a travel destination quite much as you think but its equally different as one may not know. It has a totally different side to it which is equally fascinating.

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Are you a Solo or a Group traveler?

If you are a traveler, this will interest you. If you are a women traveler, this one will definitely find you nodding your head in agreement or disagreement. How do you prefer to travel- Solo or Group?

My latest article is published on Womens Web. Do have a look and share your views.   :) :) :)

Traveling brings cheer and freshness to the mundane daily routine. It gives a new perspective to the pace of life. And best of all, it helps us grow and know ourselves better. I say so because I have experienced myriad changes in myself after every trip. The amazing destinations, exotic foods, local flavours and people that we meet indeed add beautiful memories to our lives.

Travelling in groups can boost your holiday fun manifold – provided your fellow travellers share your passion for travel. What’s your take? Here is my confession on this and why I love to travel in groups. To read the complete article, click the link below…

This Traveholic Loves Travelling in Groups. What’s Your Take?

 Happy Traveling!!!

10 Pictures from the Oslo Vigeland Park, Norway

Its been long that I have been following the handle @visitnorway on twitter and the updates from them always makes me nostalgic.  The city of Oslo and its neighbourhood has an ardent fan in me. Honestly, I did not want to return from Norway after living a freelance writer’s life for a month.  I have fond memories of my stay in this most expensive city of Europe.  Lucky me, I got a chance to stay in Oslo for 28 days, (yes I know that makes you super-jealous). Europe is a fascinating part of the world and when you get to stay in one piece of it that boasts of incredible beauty, one-of-its-kinds cultural attractions and gorgeous landscape, you have to thank your stars.

Hubby visited Oslo for a project and I did not let go this opportunity of discovering this beautiful Scandinavian country.  I opted for a sabbatical from my engineering job, wore my traveller hat and lived a fairytale life. It was so much fun to cook, eat, write, explore and sleep each day with absolutely no other worries to take care of.  There were no late evening meetings, no follow up calls, no work to be carried home and no staying back in office. Hubby would leave for work at 7:30 a.m. ( in Oslo people start their day early) and he would be back home by 5:30 p.m. Rest of the evening we spent as a couple walking around my favourite Karl Johan’s  Street and the waterfront Opera House.

Viseland museet og parken
Known as Frogner Park too

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My stay at Balcony Chiang Mai Village


A relaxed stay-house or a comfortable hotel is a very important part of any trip be it vacation, holiday or work. Be it any place, a roof over the head is most important. As a traveller, I prefer starting my day from a cosy comfort and returning back to a warm and clean bed of my room.  Hospitable and courteous staff is another thing that stays in mind for long after I return from a hotel.

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I debut on Huff Post with Thai Umbrellas from Chiang Mai

Umbrella Making Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Bangkok
Umbrella Making Center in Chiang Mai

If you have been reading my Thailand stories, you must be aware that its only been a fortnight that I have come back from a fun trip to Chiang Mai and Bangkok. And yes I have been talking about Chiang Mai for many reasons. This quaint, serene and relaxed destination really impressed for many things.

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2 and a half hours of Adventure, Zipline and Fun at Flying Squirrels

The surroundings are beautiful at Flying Squirrels in Chiang Mai

Adventurous… Not me!

Back home when I told everyone in my family that I did 17 Ziplines on treetops and canopies in my recent visit to Thailand, they all looked at me in shock and surprize.  Honestly, I am too delicate in their eyes. The truth is I do not plunge in these acts because I feel scared.  Whenever I have tried to act brave, butterflies in my stomach have made me believe that such acts are not my cup of tea.  Paragliding is  the most adventurous activity that I have done before and I remember it had not come easy to me. That day in Chiang Mai, I did not know that some fears were about to be conquered. Now, I can boldly say Extreme Adventures can be done even by the not so brave!

Flying Squirrels,
Welcome at Flying Squirrels
The real Zipline adventure longest and highest, Tripadvisor and Chiang Mai
The real Zipline adventure longest and highest in Thailand as rated by tripadvisor

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Hues of rainbow colors in Orchid and Butterfly Farm in Chiang Mai

Orchids, Butterfly Farm

Its been a week that I have been back from Thailand but honestly the Bangkok hangover is yet not over.  Songkran- the Water festival is still on my mind. Every evening when I see my neighbours using a garden hose for watering their plants, I am transported back to the Chiang Mai market where we used the hose to play Songkran with the locals. We splashed and got wet to the fullest.  Hope you read the ‘Songkran Special’ post from my Thailand series?

Travel blogging is fun because it helps us to live our beautiful moments more than once.  I cant live without clicking a lot of pictures and my travel stories take their form when I go through my travel pictures back home.  Today, when I was going through the Chiang Mai collection, I hit upon the most pleasing pictures from Chiang Mai because nature never fails to amaze us. The visit to Chiang Mai’s Bai Orchid and Butterfly Farm was a short one but it was absolutely worth it.  The orchids and the butterflies were pleasing to both heart and mind.  My camera too enjoyed the captures of the lovely orchids, their colourful hybrid forms and fluttering butterflies.

Orchids in Chiang Mai, Hybrization of Orchids in Chiang Mai
Orchid love from Chiang Mai
Welcome to Butterfly Farm, Fluttering Butterflies
Welcome to the Butterfly Farm, Chiang Mai!

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Know the Dim Sums and enjoy the treat at Yauatcha, Delhi

Dimsum and Momos…. 

Before I talk about my experience of eating various types of Dimsums at Endless DIM SUM fest going on in Yauatcha,  I must share some learning around the food and its type because I always thought Momos were same as Dim Sums until I realized I hardly knew the difference.

Delhiites love eating Momos. These dumplings have become a popular snack for all ages. This can be confirmed by their burgeoning community in the small and big markets. Even a small residential market has more than one vendor selling momos. So Momos are Tibetian dumplings filled with veggies, soya or chicken wrapped inside all-purpose flour or Maida. If you have an urge to conclude that Dim Sums are similar and just that Chinese love to call them as Dimsums, I must correct you now.

Delhi, Dim Sums, Yauatcha, Ambience Mall
DIM SUMS at Yauatcha

What are Dim Sums?

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10 highlights of my trip to Chiang Mai- “Rose of the North Thailand”

It is always a great feeling to travel to a place where you have never been before. No doubt traveling pulls me out of my comfort zone but it definitely makes me feel more alive. Thus, I love to travel and pick on different experiences as much as possible. 

Chiang Mai
CHIANG MAI is famous for its Art and Culture

I am just back from my trip to Chiang Mai in Thailand and I am writing this post to recollect all the fun that I did there.  Of course SONGKRAN festival was the theme of the FAM trip but I have 9 more highlights to add to it.

Chiang Mai is a beautiful province surrounded by picturesque hill tribe villages,  stunning natural beauty and scenic mountains.  It is equally renowned for being country’s top shopping destination for art and craft. Thailand’s second city is adorable and cute. Unlike Bangkok, it has a relaxed and laid-back feel about itself.  In its peaceful pace of life,  it has plenty of things to offer to the tourists.

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Songkran is water soaking fun, tradition and party time in Thailand


Do you know that getting bathed in water brings good luck? Have you welcomed New Year by getting soaked in Water?  Well in Thailand, people do. The month of April brings the festive fervor of Songkran. It is celebrated as the start of Thai New Year or famously known as Water Festival.

SONGKRAN DAY , Thai New year
Captured this at Bangkok Airport

I too did not know all of this until I celebrated Songkran in Thailand this year. I had the privilege to be a part of this water festival both in Chiang Mai and  Bangkok. Believe me I have never enjoyed splashes of icy cold water and getting drenched in bucket-fuls of water more than this time.  None can survive the Songkran fever if you are in a Thai province during this part of the year.

Songkran, Water Festival
None will be spared with my Water gun

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How about some Peri-Peri time at Barcelos in Delhi?

Hey People,  I am back from my FAM trip of Thailand and believe me it was one delightful trip. I was part of the media group to cover Songran Festival (Thai New Year) and I had a fun water party. Of course there will be detailed accounts of it and I will talk about all my adventures in length and breadth but before that let me introduce this new restaurant that I visited last Wednesday before leaving for Chiang Mai in Thailand. This one deserves a mention.

I relish variants of Chicken dishes…

I have been a big foodie since childhood.  Restaurants were always my favorite hangouts though my Mum would cook the best meals. With age the love for interesting flavors has grown and my taste buds are always on a lookout for interesting platters.  I am non-vegetarian who loves well cooked spicy chicken more than anything.  Aske me for any of it- juicy/crispy/flame-grilled/Tandoori/Roasted chicken variants any day and I am game for it. In fact a few years ago when I dated my vegetarian husband all our fights would get resolved instantly if he took me out for a chicken treat.  ;)

A Week Ago when I visited Barcelos….

Barcelos at Khan Market
Barcelos interiors This picture is shot at its upper floor

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Coffee and Dessert Indulgence at Longitude, Le Meirdien

“Guilt Free Delight” and “latte art” - Longitude- Le Meridien Delhi
“Guilt Free Delight” and “latte art” – Longitude- Le Meridien Delhi

I do not have a sweet tooth at all but I live in the company of those who just can’t live without it. My Mum-in-law adores sugar and there are times when my Dad and hubby have to be restricted from over indulgence in sweets. Every time I have to suggest them please go for sugar-free options.  Pat comes the answer, ‘No, it isn’t interesting at all!’

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In Singapore, I loved the common food of its indigenous people!

Merlion in Singapore
In Singapore, visiting the Merlion is a must. In the same way not eating the local food is a sin. Food is a very serious affair in Singapore!


Food republic, Singapore, Travel Places to Eat in Singapore
Yes, Singapore is a Food Republic. It is a food loving nation.

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I am Happy, Are you?

This post is dedicated to International Day of Happiness

HAPPINESS is ABC of life! It is an addictive, beautiful and charming word.  Who doesn’t want to be happy? Rather we do it all in life to let not this emotion distance from us.  What is Happiness? It may seem just a simple word but as I write I feel it cannot be defined in a single word. Easily said than achieved, it is an experience of the mind and the heart. Possibly it is a series of joyful feelings. From the innocent gesture on a child’s face to a radiant bright smile on an elderly’s face , happiness has so much about it. Wow!! Wish I could grab it always!!! Continue reading I am Happy, Are you?

#CreateFearlessly: Mum and I had a great time cooking together

If I tell you that my Mum is my favorite cook, you would say whose Mum isn’t. Well I wouldn’t argue on this because all mothers are queens of their kitchen. Initially I would never appreciate my mum’s cooking, like every other kid had my own set of tantrums of not eating this or that but once I landed up in the hostel for four years of my engineering studies, I underwent a change. I developed immense respect for my Mum and her cooking. I would crave for her lunchboxes and  the lavish menus of Sundays.

My mother enjoys cooking and she is the famous one in our family. Even my hubby is fond of her cooking.  I live in the same city as my parents and I visit them often. My husband lets me stay with them when ever I demand but he has only one condition, ‘You must learn some cooking from Mumma’.  So now you may conclude that I am nothing close to a good cook when it comes to cooking.  Well, I have an excuse to this, my sweet Mum would never let me in the kitchen and eventually I went away from the house. For the first time when I had to put up on my own, I didnt even know how to chop vegetable. But later Mum on the phone and youtube/cookery blogs on the laptop became a great help.

My Mum makes a lot of local food and experiments with different recipes but never teaches me much.   ;) She believes in wholesome food than their junk avatars, thus she isn’t much into baking and grilling pizza and pastas. But I have been convincing her that she must explore this side of cooking too because there is so much that can be done with new electronic appliances. To this she says she is happy with her microwave.  At the start of the year, one day she asked me, Which OTG should I buy?Wow! this sounded good to me. I was happy that Mum wanted to learn some cake making. I simply told her, don’t worry about this, you will have one soon.

And as blogging would have it.  Last month U gifted a PARTY PLANNER to Mum.  Thanks to HAMILTON BEACH and Blogadda for sending it to me and encouraging me to #CreateFearlessly.

The PARTY PLANNER consists of OTG and Hand Blender. With the OTG, Mum and I did some group cooking and had a great time. Believe me it was so much fun to learn things from Mum and at the same time share some knowledge with her.

OVEN-TOASTER-GRILL– This has lovely accessories for baking, grilling and roasting. Its absolute fun with the Rotisserie which is a style of roasting where chicken is skewered on a long solid rod. Its capacity is 32 litre and 1500 watt.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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The couple that loves to do the laundry together!

At first I thought he may not want to pose doing it all but no he didn’t throw tantrums at all.  Rather he modeled for it superbly and announced it proudly to his sister and friends too. 

(This is what my husband told his family and friends when he had a word with them on phone)

‘Hey, don’t forget to read my wife’s blog in next two days, I will be seen taking the #WashBucketChallenge initiated by Ariel India. I will be doing the Sunday laundry there. Do read and get inspired too!

Honestly, I didn’t know how it sounded to them and how they reacted but it meant many things to me- sweet, cute, funny, sporty, self-praising but worth it, supportive to the cause and absolutely honest.

Last time when I wrote for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob I did mention that my husband has always been a enthusiastic participant in the household chores. I must share one super awesome quality about him that though he lives a life out of a suitcase (yeah I am a consultant’s wife), he never returns with bag fulls of dirty clothes for me. Yes,  he ensures he does the laundry, get them done and then return with clean clothes.  I am absolutely proud of him. Believe me he is a super cook and a great help while managing the laundry. Oh yes, I feel too low and cry my heart out when he isn’t around… now you know why!  :)  ;)

Since he isn’t traveling this month, like an usual Sunday he took charge of his laundry. The detergent Ariel matic was sent to me by blogadda. Together we took the Wash Bucket Challenge. For this prompt I have attempted a photo-blog ( a self story told by the detergent itself)   and have tried unique captions for my clicks. Hope you enjoy!!!

The music will set the mood and the atmosphere!!!

 I am ARIELMATIC complete+, My packing is super-cute right?

I have just landed at the Sehgal’s place and they are excited to see ME. Interesting!!!



Mr. Sehgal is all set to take the #WashBucketChallenge. Wow, his wife is so lucky.


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