For Zest! Be Zest! Live Zest!

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ZEST is not just a gesture,
It is strength of life,
Friends, Peers, Groups, Team acts,
Add to my positivity.
Enjoying at the Cricket stadium or rocking at the bloggers meet,
Be it at the Club or outside the road,
Friendship rocks for me,
And they who make it add ZEST in my life.

Friends, Fun, excitement, Zest

BOOKS are the real source of ZEST in my life,
I extract a joyful energy from reading them,
Not a day without them,
I wish I had the time to read all the wonderful books on the Earth,
And more I want a lavish library of my own,
Yes! I wouldn’t stop to dream and be there one day,
What fun it would be to have in there a book written by me,
ZEST is about aiming to achieve that which seems unattainable.

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Hi5 Black Beauties

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Indeed BLACK is beautiful!

My fascination for ‘Black’ and its prowess isn’t nascent rather it dates back to my childhood days when my Dad gifted me an awesome book called BLACK BEAUTY by Anna Sewell. The horse’s story set in the Victorian England, made an indelible impression on my heart. At the age of nine, I fell in love with a horse that was fictional.  Since then, horse riding classes became my favorite and the desire to own a feisty, handsome, well bred, black horse (similar to the one that was created out of author’s imagination) was never lost.

So the first and fascinating living thing that I desire is a BLACK horse.

Black Beauty, What the Black, Beautiful Black,
I wanna pet this Handsome, fiery Black Horse, inspired by ‘BLACK BEAUTY’

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JIFI is Here, Lets go banking on Twitter and Facebook!

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Yes, we live in the age where many of us just love to talk to the unknown millions in nanoseconds. We are impatient and we want it all fast and hassle free. We live in the Face book and Twitter age.

Its been making rounds now that if you aren’t tweeting, updating status, clicking pictures, reading feeds, following buzz, instagram-ing, sharing blogs, you are just as old and unpopular as the dinosaur.  Who had thought that we would read a statement like this and agree with it some day?  The truth is social media has dug its significant position in our lives and we love it more than we loathe it.

Several brands around different industries have hunted down ways to make the best use of social media. They have learnt the trends, adapted to the change and are doing the best to be in the competition. Financial sector is pulling up its socks too. I spent my Saturday exploring and enjoying a fully-integrated t, an initiative by KOTAK MAHINDRA.

Lets do a questionnaire around BANKING and SOCIAL MEDIA before I talk more on my experience.

  • Do you feel banking is boring and it isn’t customer friendly?
  • How excited will you be if your bank adopted social media and you could go banking with your friends?
  • Will you prefer using a social media channel over a phone call to solve a problem with your bank?
  • Do you mind sharing financial products and services updates through your bank’s face book and twitter accounts?
  • Do you wish to invite friends and followers to have a account in the same bank as yours?

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‘Journey to Zen Life begins’ says ASUS at the India Launch

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Finance Minister presented his budget on 10th July however, Asus gave us a reason to smile a day before, i.e. on 9th July when it launched its performance driven and pocket friendly Zen phones for the Indian consumers.

Asus Indiblogger Meet
Asus Indiblogger Meet

In search of the Incredible…

Yet again, it was an Indiblogger Meet, the get-togethers where we bloggers meet, greet and rejoice.  This time the sponsors/organizers were Asus and the theme was the much awaited India launch of ZenFone Series and Fonepad 7.  In the first half it was the press release and post lunch it was an exclusive bloggers meet.  The  CEO, Product Manager, Design Manager, Vice President of Asustek Computer- better known as Asus along with the Intel  Sales people were available for the D day.  They all rocked with enthusiasm. It was a big day for them, unveiling a new smartphone series before the great Indian market.


Asus, Zenphones, Mobile Launch, Pragati maidan
Asus India Launch at Pragati Maidan

I clicked the above picture at the entrance, outside the Halls 7D, 7E at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi where the event was planned.  The tagline ‘journey to Zen life’ looked appealing.  And the gate too was impressive. (below picture)

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World’s first online shop-able fashion week

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Fashion, Talent-hunt, Creativity, Launch Pad, Grooming, Mentor ship, Shopping…. All in one platter.


Jabong, the fashion portal along with  Talenthouse India has come up with a totally unique concept of Online Fashion week (IOFW). If you belong to the esteemed list of designers, models, makeup artists, fashion photographers and hair stylists this one is just for you. Yes, its a talent hunt where fashion passionate will get a chance to showcase their creations and come in direct contact with fashion influencers.  In the times when the world is going net crazy and social media is crackling every moment, a complete online  fashion show for the first time comes like a cherry on the cake.

INDIA ONLINE FASHION WEEK   25th- 30th July, 2014

 Jabong, Fashion, Online Fashion Week, Shop-Able

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Not Just an Ordinary Phone but the one with a Healing Camera.

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The child on the road was in pain,

She cried,

Her mother was poor to pay for medicines,

I went near her and attracted the baby to my jazzy phone,

The child’s eyes gleamed,

I clicked a picture of her in my phone,

The people around thought I was nuts,

The magical power took its course,

In few minutes,  the child was all happy and healed.

Yes! My phone had a Super Power.

It could check for hidden illness,

And it had a healing camera too.

There is abundance of illness around us. The realization is always there but we are all so stuck up in our everyday mundane lives that we hardly stop to notice until a close one undergoes a suffering. How I wish there was no illness or I had a magical wand to absorb all pains!

Last week our family spent endless hours in hospital. It wasn’t me but my niece who was hospitalized for 7 days. Our ten months old, bundle of joy had suddenly taken ill and was admitted in PICU (pediatric intensive care unit).  It was really tough to see her go through the harsh medications. We all felt helpless and her parents were inconsolable. But now thanks to the doctor that she is back home hale and hearty however, the scary memories of the hospital are not gone from my mind. And my wish for a super-power has become more strong and dire.

Babies are so special. Our little one too is a beautiful sweetheart and we all love to hear her chuckling all day. But in the hospital she lay pale and exhausted under the impact of bacterial infection. Her smiles and laughter were gone. She was in great pain however we couldn’t do anything and the medication took its own sweet course to heal up the child. For the initial three days, her condition was not under control. We cried, we would look at her pictures and videos in the phone to console ourselves that things were fine and would soon be better. It was tough! That was the moment when the idea struck me wish the phone holding the picture could heal up the baby too and make her sit cheerfully upright. And that would be named, The Doctor Phone.

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O dear, Sultanate of Oman!

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When the blogging contest at Indiblogger read that you could have your wish and unique experiences in ‘Sultanate of Oman’ I was evoked with exoticism (the charm of the unfamiliar). Next thing I did I called up my friend Eva Bhargava who had visited Muscat (capital of Oman) last year. I could sense squeaky delight and nostalgic tinkle in her voice when she revisited her experiences. I was awed just at the mention of words like eye-arresting wadis, sands and desert, sapphire blue water, dhow cruise, waterfalls, lakes, mountains, caves, wildlife and lush green vegetation. The conversation was fulfilling and a great learning experience for me. I couldn’t thank her more for sharing lots of information and gorgeous pictures of her trip to Oman.

Oman trip
My friend Eva Bhargava in Muscat
Bhargava Family in Wahiba Sands
Bhargava Family

The idea of hearing about a place, virtually exploring it through experiences of others, reading about it and then lusting to see it in real makes me no less than a passionate traveler. Also, having been enamored by the opulence and rustic beauty of Middle East in my visits to Dubai and Riyadh, I hear this one is unique and different. Its king and religion practice tolerance and thus what impresses me is that Muscat has a Shiva temple, Krishna temple and Paul Catholic Church along with the majestic Grand Mosque (quite interesting indeed). Unlike Riyadh, women here drive cars and one third of civil servants are women.  (Applaud)

More, the pictures and video below do shout out loud that Oman is outrageously spectacular and stupendously beautiful!

Muscat Palace
Muscat Palace

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Shopping time for Madam Ji

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A young foreigner lady married an Indian man and came to India, lived here forever.  In young age, she loved wearing Western outfits – long skirts and dresses, buying shahtoosh shawls and indulging in shopping sprees. But later due to political changes in her surroundings she took to Indian-nized dressing.

So Madamji as she is fondly called has really been busy in controlling, overpowering a party from outside as she puts it, until it all crumbled last month. The clan has been ousted sadly with poor numbers. However, Madamji is not to be blamed entirely, she has been shouldering a great responsibility at the expense of her leisures. The little birdie tells me that now that the plundering and looting is all done and not much is left to do nowadays she has been getting bored. She has not been keeping well too. The doctors have advised her to be happy and leave the political woes. She decides to return to her old love of shopping.

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I Sincerely love Tasty and Beautiful Food

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 “There is no love sincerer than the love of food,”

George Bernard Shaw


A year in the country that was not mine,
I had missed both home-cooked and luxurious Indian cuisine.
Aaah!!! The tantalizing aroma and the savoring flavor,
My taste buds wished for morsel of food which had mumma’s spices and labor.
On the way back home, there were thoughts of many,
But what ruled my mind was Family, Friends and Food nothing-less-than yummy.


Happy, cheerful faces greeted me delectably, delightfully,
I was elated, dog-tired and hungry, yours truly.
The aroma from the dining table was mesmerizing, overpowering and apparent,
Real Indian food, assorted delicacies lay there in serving bowls crystal clear, pristine and transparent.
Tomatoes, olives, onions, cucumber, carrots made an interesting salad mixture,
Boiled corns shone bright and yellow through transparent vessel in lashings of buttery texture.


My favorite Kadhai Paneer adorned with cottage cheese and green peas,
And spicy Chicken Curry with the rising aroma looked like a feast to my eyes.
The tamarind, chili, mint chutney got my nose running even before it reached my lip,
Boiled eggs arranged atop fragrant fried rice called to be mopped with the last bit of curry on plate tip,
To put my storming hunger pangs at rest,
Mom had spread a neat and beautiful dinnerware which complemented her culinary skills at best.

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Friday PARTY and its Deck Up Plans

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Decor, Friday, Blogging contest, Winner, Fun



Party, Invitations, Fabfurnish, CupHey come again M!   (Noops couldn’t control her excitement, I could feel the vibes coming from kilometers away.)


I heard something like Parttyyyy@House. I wanna freeze the deal now over the phone…. said Noops

Oh yes! Dear I did say that. Keep yourself free next Friday when you are in the capital and tell the ‘Hyper Gang’ too. I leave it on you to bring them all.

Really? Freaking fun it would be. We have been waiting for this invitation darling, I will spread the word sweets. None would want to miss this one. Its been ages since we have shared cuppas.

Yes, it had been due long time though 3 of us from the college gang lived in NCR yet the get-togethers had become forgotten. I felt heavy as I disconnected the call. But I was happy too, it would happen soon.

Marriage, new role, new people in the house, demanding job, writing and the rut of everyday life hardly gives us time to catch up with school and college friends. I miss them, the lovely souls for sure. The feeling never dies that they are a call away but meeting them personally hardly happens. So this time since Rays is coming to Delhi from Bangalore, I have planned a party at my house, the first one ever where I will be proudly donning the Host’s hat. I just can’t wait to see them. Gossips, laughs and the lengthy conversations would simply follow. There is plenty to be done and I am truly excited.

The word ‘Party’ tags along three additional P’s Preparation, Planning and Pleasures. The gang of five of us is to meet after years and the chit-chat over the table is bound to go on for hours. From the food-spread to stylish touch to the house to the flower arrangement there are many creative tunes playing in my mind. I wish I could implement it all with a magical spell.

I know its gonna be tedious but soon a smug smile returns on my face. This gives me the right reason to restyle the house that needs a makeover big time. There is a week to go and thus I can plan it all meticulously and buy some oh- la- la decorative furnishings. Giving a beautiful feel to the house and adding a dash of style is my idea of the evening.  I want to please my friends, make them comfortable, make them gorge to the full and of course surprise them that a tomboy like me has turned into a  glorious home maker.

So here I begin to collate my selective choices, wish-list and key things to consider before the D day.


I want to cheer up the sad walls of my house with wall stickers which are in vogue. These floral or wordy themes look damn pretty and will definitely enhance the look of the room perfectly. A design chosen in complement with the color of the wall paint would be a great choice. I love them all, will pick two of them.

Wall, stickers, Themes, Floral decorations
Peppy and Vibrant Wall Decor

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Flaunting my DELL VENUE 7

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In this showbiz world, who doesn’t love to flaunt. Till its harmless, I just don’t mind.

So until now it was juts new clothes, books, accessories but now the  smartphones, tablets, laptops have added a zing to the fashion world. The slimest phone you carry or the cutting edge technology thats on your gizmo is the new X-factor. What have you been downloading or sharing is the new  conversation of gen C. So, I must declare I am cool too. Certainly, it isn’t about vanity but joy and happiness that makes me want to talk about my newly acquired gadget. Yes, in my last post I did tell you the story of my old mobile phone and new tablet.  Smartphone or Tablet? Confused…

See above, isn’t it beautiful? I love its big screen where I can arrange all my favorite apps at one place.  It boasts of Android 4.2.2 operating system and I am having a time of life exploring it, playing around with it.  The play-store is one point to get everything on the floor. So now my days are quite busy and technologically rich too. Indeed, its full doze of entertainment on-the-go. Its been acting as my perfect travel companion occupying a small space in my handy bag.


Peep into my applications and games. A 16GB of inbuilt storage is enough as of now.

INSTAGRAM  is the new thing for me. I am yet exploring it but BUZZFEED is cool.

Applications on myTablet

                       WordPress notifications are just a tap away and I can blog, keep an update on the reader, comment just any where.

As a blogger, what do I need more? Its so convenient to make notes, list down ideas and come back to them later. QWERTY keypad definitely makes it all lot easier and comfortable.

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My Favorite clicks of The Dubai Mall

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I love writing about Dubai, the reason is since my trip there I have developed an affinity for the place. I felt it was clean, friendly, safe and buzzed with positive energy. Also, what I liked about it is its newness, the youthfulness in its looks and the luxury that it proudly offers. The Arabs have always been there and the deserts have had their own enigma but this city has not been satiated just with what it had. It has made its presence felt on the global map by bringing in all that it could from the countries round the world and has been reborn to shine brightly. In Dubai, right from the airport, the metro, the roads, malls in there, everything boasts of state-of-the-art technology.

Its just been six months that I had a 8 days lovely trip exploring its beauty and magnificence and now I wanna go back again. The Malls, Desert Safari, Jumeriah Beach, Burj Khalifa, Ski Dubai, Palms, Ibn Battuta are still afresh in my mind. If given a chance I would want to go there to write, find work or just explore more about it. Old parts of it, creek, fishing and the souks are some of the things that have a deep history and must be explored intricately in detail. In my first visit I couldn’t do much except read a few books about Dubai’s growth.

However, I also felt that Dubai is hugely expensive and is doing more and more to attract the rich.  I am sure the expats there are working hard and making the most of it. Its a place which has only 18% Emiratis and rest people from other countries as its citizens.  A positive implication of it is conglomeration of cultures

Dubai is on a spree of expanding and growing. I am sure when I visit it again, there would be many more accomplishments added to its cap.  Of course the EXPO 20 20 is the big thing thats coming up. For now, I just wanna relive the memories and the pictures that I carried back home.

If you wanna explore the real luxury of Dubai, start from The DUBAI MALL, the largest mall ( someone estimated it as 50 football pitches) in the city which gets a huge footfall in the year  falling in the league of Niagara Falls. It houses more than 1200 outlets and has lavishness inscribed to its name. Its easy to reach via Metro. Its just endless with stairs, escalators, lifts, passage, alleys, souks, shops, lanes etc. You have absolutely lots to do in there. All great brands can be explored at one place and when you see people shopping, it gives an idea about the fondness they have towards filling shopping bags. The Aquarium and the Ice skating add to its charm. And the best its the closest to the tallest building in the world. Yes, Burj Khalifa is just there connected to the mall. The Fountain Dance in the evening is a beauty and one of the things not to be missed in any case.  One can also plan a visit to the top of the Burj Khalifa and it happens via lowest floor in the mall.

And now its time to showcase my clicks that I did on my first visit to the Dubai Mall.


Dubai Mall, The first Click of the Lampshade which changed colors.
Dubai Mall, The first Click of the Huge Lampshade which changed colors.

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My love for Switzerland

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Zurich Airport

I can bet on this that every Indian girl who has seen Bollywood blockbuster Dilwala Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and has romanced, has definitely lusted to go to Zurich with the loved one.  In fact huge hugs to makers of the movie who made us Indians fall in love with Europe. And thus bollywood rocks at the highest point in Europe. Yes, it does on the top of Europe you have a bollywood restaurant which showcases huge posters of Sharukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Hritik Roshan and others.

Well when I had seen the movie, apart from drooling over King Khan, honestly, I had said a small prayer too and it happened pretty soon for me. It wasn’t even a honeymoon trip but just a travel that happened when I visited my husband in Sweden and he planned a surprise trip for me. I was super excited to be there.  So after exploring Paris, we headed to Zurich.

If you are visiting Europe, Switzerland deserves a place in the itinerary absolutely.  Though everyone has their own things to lust for when it comes to traveling, I can give you reasons too many not to give this one a miss. And believe me its gonna be a memory close to your heart forever. I fell in love with the first view itself. The blue lake,  perfectly cut fields, few houses amidst the lavish and real green environment. The country is blessed with true colors of nature.

From the flight window
The first view of Switzerland

Lets start the countdown to make it irresistible.

The castle shaped buildings, quaint cobblestone streets, rose gardens, lovely lakeside views of Zurich lake, the mountain journey to the snow, world’s steepest modern cogwheel train, Europe’s largest waterfall- Rhine Falls,  ice palace, mountain villages, the breath-taking high Alpine glacier world,  deep glacier crevasses, ultimate snow experience at Top of Europe , glacier chair-lifting at Titlis Glacier, Rotaair and more.

Zurich city in itself is spectacular with classical architecture and natural beauty to surround it.  On the first day we visited the National Museum to discover the history and culture. Later we strolled around Main Railway station, Bahnhofstrasse shopping avenue and Lake Zurich. It was difficult to stop oneself from clicking pictures and at the same time, all around it was magnificently beautiful.

Zurich city
Zurich city

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Sita’s Curse- The Language of Desire

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Most of the books that we read give us a blend of things. Most definitely, they offer us entertainment, pleasure, fun, drama, emotions churned in a story. Those which give us beyond them are not just books but more. Feelings, longings  and learnings from such books stay for long. So the latest one that I have read and has been the talk of book-town has made such impact. It speaks about erotica, sex, temptation, a woman’s desire. You said its a taboo in our society. Yes! we are not supposed to discuss about it, they say girls are not supposed to talk about it at all. Suppression rules in our society. But I love it when its defied.

Having wrapped it last week, I have chosen to review it now.  Sreemoyee Piu Kundu’s book ‘Sita’s Curse- The Language of Desire’is the one that has revisited a woman’s sexual journey from a young girl to a fully grown up woman.


Title:  We have all read and known Sita in the Ramayana’s version, this is a different take entirely but isn’t it the author’s way of questioning the curse that every woman has to live through. Sita’s curse is an intriguing title that leads to lot of curiosity. Quite a thoughtful title. And there is a connection more to it. To start off, the protagonist Meera was always made to play the role of Sita in school.

One Line: It is an attempt to define woman in a new avatar, her sexual being, her form that has always been there but suppressed, ignored, declared dead but now someone decides to break free…

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The Tablet Talk: Touch, Play and Experience

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Smartphone or Tablet? Confused…

Don ‘t be surprised if I tell you that I am one among the rare species who doesn’t own a smart phone. Do you say, ‘I am nuts’ ?

Well, the truth is I am still in love with my Nokia 5800 express music with a symbian interface.  Friends have told me umpteen times that it needs a change and have suggested their  favorites too but I have not given in yet. So probably you would have concluded by now that I don’t belong to the gizmo obsessed clan. However, its not so. I love to explore apps and I am a social media enthusiast. Honestly, as a blogger my needs are more that my present phone can meet. I often crib about the camera pixels, picture quality and the inability to install my favorite apps but then my reasons for not switching to a Samsung or Iphone has been their non-stop race to outdo one another and of course the soaring prices. Every month there is something new popping in the market. No offense to the developers but I kind of find it insane.

Its happened more than once now, by the time I was impressed with a colleague’s phone and was planning to go for it, he or she already declared that a new version of it was just round the corner.  Its not cutting edge technology but technology storm that has been in the air. In some way, its good but then it isn’t easy to shell out a huge sum of money every six months just to match the race of owning the best smart phone in the city.

Thus, I would say I am a laptop person. My work involves a lot of  web browsing, writing, blogging and thus I can’t really do much without it. A smart phone will never meet my requirements. I had been analyzing my needs and had been on a lookout for something that could be lightweight, easy to carry everywhere, have a large screen, could fill for the laptop for few hours and click pictures too. You got it right Tablets, the cute toy/tool in the market has caught my fascination for sometime now. I have been looking for all possible reasons to buy one and the Fairy Godmother had been listening. Lo and behold, one day comes a mail in the inbox which says I could have a DELL TABLET to use, play around and blog about it. Isn’t that cool? I was too elated to ask for more.

What could be better than this that I get a chance to use the product and then go for it.  I would definitely congratulate DELL for being so confident about their product and letting bloggers talk about it. So you can see down below the one that came knocking for me.



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Opinion integrates us on

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Yes! I love to speak my mind and I equally enjoy reading what others have to say about things, objects or people.  As humans we can’t really survive without conversations. Don’t we all relish the Likes, Retweets and favorites from friends and followers? We absolutely do. It gives us a high. It keeps us motivated.

Honestly, what led to my birth as a blogger was my love to give my opinions on subjects of my interest. It started with my reviews on books and an urge to connect with people who adored them too. And today, I know a lot of bookworms virtually. They are people from all parts of the country and a few beyond it too. Having a common liking, taste, opinion actually brought us together. is ideate d from the same school of thoughts. It aims to build an opinion network for the world.  Through Blogadda, I got a chance to join this international platform, unique in its make.

In school and college it was Orkut for me.  Later orkut died down and the charm for Facebook continued with its new avatars and its ability to help us track lost friends from near and far.  Now, its no more exciting. Its the same people forever, the acquaintances and geographically connected people.  Twitter has been a breath of fresh air indeed.  It comes with no baggages. A hashtag brings people together either for or against the motion. And for the last one year I have been enjoying putting across my opinion in 140 words but there have been times when I have felt tweets restrictive in words. And also more than real connections, twitter has been more for the social media buffs and brand buzz. I  have had a desire to express more. indeed comes to offer us proximity/closeness on the basis of thoughts and opinions.


The combination of red and black comes easy and interesting to the eyes.  The interface is pretty and neat, absolutely free from hotch-potch.

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Flipit, a new find!

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Talking about websites is not my core area of interest but I definitely love to share about my experiences that are useful and worth a talk. Just like traveling leads to unexplored paths, reading opens up new avenues, googl-ing on Google always brings up something interesting. I love the random searches on search engines. They never disappoint. In fact I love the abundance of data because it leads to many good thigs. Scouring the web and filtering the needful is all that we need to do.

Online shopping is in vogue absolutely. One escapes the scorching sun, rains and hailstorms too but never misses to shop at the click of the mouse. With the advent of great shopping partnerships and collaborations we all love deals and discounts, don’t we?

Are you sniffing discount? Come my way I have some great news!!!

Before clicking on the  buy button, I definitely hunt for online deals because they help to save more than a few penny here and there. In fact I have been successful in getting the best deals on my travels in different countries too. Earlier, it was tough to find them all but now in the age of social sites, blogs, websites, information all around, we are equipped with power. Before buying things, we must ensure to compare prices and grab the best deals.

Recently, E-commerce is doing rounds and competition is all around. I am sure we all agree it’s fun and easy to shop in the comfort of the cushioned chairs than in the maddening crowd.  And shopping has a wonderful charm to it if it’s accompanied with discounts and offers. Don’t we all love coupon codes and promotional freebies? Ofcourse we do!  As Indians we thrive and ride on money saving experiences.

Here is what I found out recently through random search, a site that lists down too many deals to help us save money. Flipit is the name. Anyone who has heard of it before or used it?

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Thank you Mumma!

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MUMMA… Mumma, U are Mine, Most Adorable one….

Mom, I thank you for giving birth to me, for loving me for what I am, for trusting me for my decisions, for encouraging me through my falls and laughing with me and making all my days so wonderful.

Mom, when I am away, I miss your morning fragrance, your tender touch, the cuddly hugs, fondly pecks, lovely caress, cozy laps and the warm sunshine smile!

Mom, I wish to tell you that you are most beautiful lady, you are the best cook, a wise woman and a great teacher who has played a great role in carving a better part of me.

Mom, I wonder how skillfully you balance us all, Daddy, me, the family, friends, relatives and still you never desire to weigh your sacrifices with anything in return.

Mom, there is not a day I spend without your thought because you are and will always be the sweetest and loveliest person for me on this Earth.


This one is for the special day of Mothers Day.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


The Exiled Prince

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The BOOK REVIEW was originally published on WRITERSMELON first.

The Exiled PRince

Who was Rama really? What was his real purpose? Is he the real immortal?

“The Exiled Prince,” is the first literary venture of Author, Ravi V. He believes that myths are linked to our evolution as a species and this book is the result of his love, labor and passion to identify the legends and myths that surround the figure of Lord Rama.
The blurb introduces us to a significant and supreme stone, Crystal of Creation (a weapon which has souls of Lord Shiva and Narayana) around which the whole theme of the book is built. The Crystal has gone missing and the reigns of entire cosmos are at stake. Who is the savior?

Ramayana and Mahabharata are our two heroic epics that have never ceased to fascinate us. We have grown on these stories. In fact, I have always loved the larger than life characters, complexity of evolution-creation of humans and Godly connections in our Indian mythology. 

These days’ authors are going great guns with interpreting and revisiting them in new forms. Ravi has also done a great job in his book. He has handled rich and vast story of Rama intelligently and sophisticatedly.As the story commences post the surprising chapter 148, it picks its pace from the outset.  We hear our exiled prince Rama narrating his own story to his sons and in no time he grabs the attention of readers too. I have seen and heard different versions of Ramayana but none where Rama acts as the story teller. The autographical nature of the story is the USP of the book. The Author has played a master stroke by making the God, in his human form sound absolutely down to Earth and raise questions at his own purpose of life.

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Edvard Munch’s ‘SCREAM’ in National Art Museum, Oslo

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If you thought Monalisa is the most expensive and famous painting in Europe, take a Google search to find competitors. The biggest museum of Oslo, National Gallery which houses the largest art work of Norwegian painters has another great art work.

Before visiting Oslo, I did not know that ‘SCREAM’ painting by Edvard Munch is another painting that wins a high position among the famous art work in the world. 

The National Gallery  showcases his work as well as art pieces of French and other European artists. One section of the museum comprising of six to seven rooms gives us a chance to see the work of three generations of artists.  One can actually see the connection as well as the evolution of art from one to another with the progress of years.

Edvard Munch painted four iconic versions of this famous painting. One version of it was stolen from  National Art Museum and recovered and the second one was stolen from Munch Museum too. The thieves had stolen it for ransom but later the police located them safe and sound.


Edvard Munch’s Painting ‘Scream’

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M at Musée du Louvre

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Paris was a dream come true destination for me. And if there are Eiffel, River Siene, Triumph of Arc, Notre Dame, Disneyland not to miss, there is undoubtedly Louvre too. What happened when M, thats me and the immortal painting Monalisa came face to face? She followed me in all directions and I just couldn’t let my eyes off her.


Monalisa, we have all read about her smile and the portrait, one of the most talked about paintings of its times and even now. The symmetry of the human figure, the smile, the following eyes and the deeper elements of art have been discussed in many forms. It has many stories connected to it and it usually makes a mention along with Renaissance, French Revolution and the artist Leonardo, da Vinci. Now, the property of government of France,  proudly hangs and attracts everyone in Louvre Museum.

But there’s much more to Musee du Louvre, its absolutely amazing. The huge, beautiful pieces of art made by famous artists of all times, displayed one after the other let not the eyes rest for a minute. I was charmed by the enormity of the collection. Each one outdid the other. Europe has been the talent house of artists, Indeed!!! Since I love to make canvases, that was one time I really wanted to take up arts seriously.


How we Reached?

We used the metro nearest from our hotel to reach the museum and got down at metro station, Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre. Did I tell you that Paris has one of the best intracity rail network and it connects the whole city just perfectly, thus keep the taxis at bay. Just outside the gate, the first thing that catches attention is the lavishness of the facade of the famous museum and the huge footfall enthralling the gates to make to the ticket queue. As you enter, the famous pyramid welcomes you and one can’t let it pass without a click.

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I am a blogger and I love to say it!

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I take pride in my writings and I love to introduce myself as a blogger/short story writer.  The happiness and joy that I extract out of it is much more than introducing myself as a Telecom engineer.  (Last year when I had a chance of interacting with King Khan, Sharukh Khan face to face , I had loved to introduce myself as a blogger over other things and I hadn’t felt small at all and the best part I had got a chance to live my dream because of blogging.)

Blogging gives me my desired freedom wherein I do and write what I want. I love it more because its mine, the feeling of owning it and having complete control over something gives me a high. It a place where I chew in and vent out my creative outbursts. There isn’t someone telling me to do a list of things nor there are deadlines to meet (except the blogging contests).  Today, I have many blogger friends, we write for blogging contests, we meet over events and it has come to be as if we have our own magical world amongst the Muggles.

But nothing happens without a purpose, reason and medium. My tryst with blogging dates back to 2009. I knew only one blogger and he was my school friend. He had moved out of India to study at National University of Singapore (NUS) and there he had taken up blogging. I would read all about his daily routines on his blog and his personal space became a great medium through which we kept in touch. His rants and ramblings were fun to read.  I also enjoyed reading about Singapore and about many things happening differently at foreign campus. It was altogether a new experience for me.  And after an year, I had an urge to make one for my own, but a private space, close to a diary.

But there was more to me. I have always been an avid reader and thus everytime I read a book, I wanted to shout out to the people and tell them to read it. I wanted to spread the joys of reading. Thus four years back, one fine day the thought to register a blog materialized and I made one on I commenced writing book reviews with one of the best books, ‘ Love Story’. I wonder what life would have been if I had not done it.

But that time I had few readers, almost negligible networking and I wasn’t aware of the blogging addas at all, but what kept it going was my love for words, love for weaving stories, love for voicing opinions and most important love for Books.

So here comes the answer to the first part of the ongoing prompt at #IndiSpire.

IndiSpire- What inspired you to be a blogger? What is it that still keeps you going?

 Definitely my friend who had introduced me the joy and thrill of it and books which motivated me to write about them.

I love Blogging                                                                                                                     Picture

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Have you been gifted an Inspirational Poster yet?

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Ever imagined how life would be if we had no alphabets, no words, no sentences in our life? We wouldn’t be able to express anything nor interact. There wouldn’t be a meaning to anything. Words say and pictures depict. Words put together a meaning and pictures are their visual representations. Both have their own way of making an impact. A combination of both makes a great poster!

Great words must be used as reminders and should be shared and spread across too.

Inspirational poster

Some combination of words can cause huge impact.

There is a new boss in the office. I have been noticing that he has unique ways of doing things and he is a charmer too. Recently, my visit to his cubicle has reminded me of a long lost hobby of collecting and sharing inspirational posters.

Since I work in service sector, my office is more about work and delivery. Its nothing close to inspiring. Our workspaces are absolutely boring and non glamorous. The cubicles are lonely except a few organizational charts hanging here and there. However,  this new boss indifferent to others has decked up his cubicle beautifully. He absolutely seems to believe in the power of words, pictures, creativity and constant reminders. I have never seen so many posters together at one place, his cabin.

Recently, I had a chance to visit his cabin and I came back awed and inspired. I noticed many things in his room that pleased my eyes. There were decorative paper cups, sketches done on paper cut-outs, hand written notes and inspirational posters hanging on the walls. It all felt so beautiful, creative and colorful. A few minutes in his room were damn motivating. I loved it all and I wondered why I had not thought of putting up any of it in my cubicle.

Hostel was the last place where I had flaunted my posters collection. Away from homes, hostel was one place where we would vent out our creativity at its best. I remember decorating at least 4 to 5 posters in my room. They talked of many things like determination, success, goals, life, family etc to keep me upbeat and charged all the time. The family frame and even letters from my parents would be a part of my decoration. But after that, the age of posters was totally gone. I never bothered to put any in my bedroom nor in my study though my love for them has been old. As a kid too, I remember having a cute little picture of ‘Moon and stars in the sky’ decorated on the wall of my room. There were two words which said ‘Sweet Dreams’ and they would look so pleasing every night when I slept. It was a little reminder that everything in the day went well and now it was time to sleep and be lost in dreams that would be sweet. And now  I miss that picture in my room.

And thus I take back home a lesson that our small habits in life hold great importance. We shouldn’t leave them. My love for posters is back. I have been exploring many online sites to order some for my house and cubicle. In fact posters make a great gifting option too. Anyone whose headed for a change or is embarking a new journey deserves a quote to take along them. Don’t forget to gift a poster this time and wait for yours impatiently.

Truly, the constant reminder factor and the pleasing effect of words and pictures does work wonders. And there are many times in the day when we need the push and motivation to keep it going. Words inspire!

I came across this site below and I thought of sharing it with all my readers.