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First thing first!

Honestly, I didn’t know about this exciting and adventurous FAM trip until I read Desi Traveler’s blog post.

Wow, he was one of the lucky few who had a superb ride on Trip 1. The awesome clicks from his lenses and the lovely memories of his travel with bloggers from all over the world can get almost anyone dreaming about a trip to Kerala. A big congratulations for the last trip and thank you for blogging about Trip 2.

Earlier in this year, I have traveled with fellow bloggers and I know how much fun trips can be if you have people around you who share the same passion as you. Without wasting a minute I made a run to the registration page. It was a quick and easy application form. Done with it, I sat with fingers crossed! Like every profile, mine too was supposed to undergo a moderation process.

But its not as simple as it seems. 2 weeks down and I found myself waiting. Everyday I would visit the page to see the list of contestants growing but there was no news about mine. By the third week, I was disheartened and the fear of rejection got stronger but taking a last chance I tweeted to Kerala Tourism. The good social media people were quick to reply and clear the air that many profiles were still in the queue to pass the moderation stage. Thankfully, in the following week my profile was finally selected. For me it was like a half battle won! :)

Of course, I do not deny the fact that there is still a long way to board the bus. But dear readers, now you got to help me take me to the next level.   :) :)

The best thing that has come out of this FAM trip is that from the first day I have been reading blogs of global and Indian participants and voting for passionate travelers.  It has helped me connect with so many awesome travel bloggers. Kerala absolutely makes a beautiful attraction and travel lovers from all over the world are super excited to come over for the exotic bus ride to explore the natural beauty. May the love for India last forever.

Now the real thing,  I too wish to witness the beauty of Kerala and thus please, please VOTE for me.


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If you love traveling, Register soon for Kerala Blog Express.


You and I ought to be Responsible drivers!

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When I was a child,
My mother’s soft fingers would tug my hands tightly.
As she walked me to and fro the road to the school,
She would never forget to say- look left, look right and left again,
I would act naughty and would never bother to ask her why,
But she always smiled and said the same everyday,
The road is a vibrant place, it buzzes with life and action.
We got to play safely here, it can be a dangerous place if one lost on traction.
Remember to never jaywalk and speed-run on the road,
Be careful, follow your rules and think for others always,
Because you and I ought to be responsible pedestrians!
So clear and precise, the words would fall like a jingle to the ears,
Careless me, I regret now why I just let them fly!



When I grew taller than Mum and inched closer to Dad’s height,
I thought I was big enough to control the wheels,
Dad politely declined and said learn the rules of the art dear,
It takes time and patience to learn these things. Take the time!
There is a year to go before you have a driving license of yours,
With a serious responsibility, it is a play of alertness and consciousness,
I ignored and thought it was too easy,
Simple chants – ‘Drive Safe, Drive Slow, Drive with seat belts, Drive without Alcohol, Drive in Control.’
The vanity in me took over and I said ‘Oh! I know it all’
Let the year pass and I shall rock and roll without a fall.
My father reiterated- Prepare and prevent my son, don’t ignore and repent,
You and I ought to be aware and conscious drivers!
Wish I had understood more than what the words meant!



When today I limp here and there in the caged hole,
Repenting and crying over my actions,
The past comes flashing; shiny and bright,
My job, my house, the first car, my proud parents, my marriage, my wife, my baby girl,
The beautiful world of love and care,
Until I shattered it all,
It wasn’t carelessness or ignorance of the day but my habit,
A few drinks were more important to me than my parent’s words,
Over speeding gave me more thrill than my baby’s laughter,
Indifference about road rules was my favorite as I often ignored my wife’s concerns,
She always said- ‘Be Alert, Don’t Drink, Watch for others, Wear your Seat belt, Don’t Pick Calls,
Baby, you ought to be a cautious driver!
To my deaf ears and impatient attitude, the road etiquettes dint matter, Poor me!



And one day, the good, holy people of my life were gone forever,
Now, there was none to tell me what to do and what not,
The irresponsible driver in me shortened their lifelines,
Over confident me, I lost my control and attention,
I breathe every moment with bitter realities, I could have averted it,
Was it the high beam or my speed, the rage or my carefree and careless attitude?
Yes, it was all of it and my attitude.
I mercilessly rammed them all in a truck,
The headlines read,’ The deadly car crash’ but it was more.
I touch my scars and nothing matches the pain of my heart,
Of my baby who chose not to say Papa ever again,
The cries of my dying wife and my parents haven’t ceased to haunt me,
My non-seriousness did the irreversible damage,
I’ couldn’t be the one but I wish for all,
You ought to be a Responsible Driver!


My message through this poem is that recklessness can be fatal and need of the hour is to sensitize people to the cause. The poem talks about a story of a boy who is educated on safe road habits, advised wisely, warned timely but he doesn’t realize its importance until he repents for it. I wish to reaffirm the fact that until we consciously realize and amend our ways, no rules can make us do. The change has to come in our behavior, in our attitude. Its important to feel sensitive to the pain that our little ignorances can cause to us and people around us.

I dedicate this poem to Nissan Safety Driving Forum who have been promoting the cause of road safety by campaigning across major cities! One mis-action, one ignorance, one habit can be extremely fatal. On the road, we have a responsibility towards everyone who is sharing the space with us. Safety rules should not to be compromised at any cost. Laws of Strict Penalty and fines should definitely be adopted in the government policies but the real change will come if each one of us chooses to  behave responsibly and keeps reminding others too– ‘You and I ought to be a responsible driver’

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Read here Nissan Safety Driving Forum


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How much have we changed? Day 2 of Agenda Aajtak 2014

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And it happened at Day 1 Agenda Aajtak 2014


After having a great time on the first day of Agenda Aajtak, I was super excited for Day 2 because some really interesting subjects were planned for panel discussions. The day did turn out to be thoroughly entertaining as expected. Not only some great discussions took place on burning issues of Religion, Conversion, Politics, Delhi Elections, Clean India, Hindi as a Language, World Cup 2015 but also it was mesmerizing to see and hear India’s superstar Mr. Amitabh Bachchan in person.

 The first session themed ‘Dharm ke Naam Pe’ was thought provoking. It talked about secularism, different religions and how vote banks were influenced on the name of religion. Maulana Mahmood Madani added some very decent points and said that religion was about togetherness and not division. He also said if all Muslims behaved as they must, people would have been forced to fall in love with them long back. Swami Chinmaynand said that any government if tried to divide people based on religion would collapse because religion was above these individual gains. There are people who are doing it, they will be unmasked and will see a downfall.

I pray for sanity for all the gullible people who endorse leaders based on religious manipulations. And those who try to play a mastermind should be dealt with. I wonder how can people cheat others in the name of GOD.

CBI Chief_Anil Sinha

Newly appointed CBI Director Anil Sinha came out to be a very balanced, smart and knowledgeable person. This was his first interview since he had taken the coveted position. He said that he knew that a very great responsibility was on his shoulders and he prayed everyday to do the right. Mr. Sinha also praised his wonderful team for their efforts but he said that he wanted that all the cases handled by them should fall in ‘zero defect zone’. When asked that does CBI have an influence of the ruling party. To this Mr. Sinha said he had never ever attended any call which pressurized him to change decisions. For him each case has always been very important and his team ensures that they go to every bit of it without being biased to any previous view created by media.

Next there was a face off between BJP senior leader Syed Shahnawaz Hussain and Congress senior leader Salman Khursid. Like all others BJP representative seemed confident but he too had the same ranting that lot of things are happening. He also praised Mr. Modi’s foreign policies, his visits to several countries and how he had instilled confidence and hope in Indians. To this Congress minister was not happy and of course he retaliated back saying that the vision is not clear, nothing concrete has come of taking strong stand against Pakistan too.

Well I really wanted to go and tell these leaders that BJP should not go about singing their own tune, they haven’t yet done anything out of the box.  They should work and deliver, people will notice on their own. Our PM Modiji does has a vision and they should all learn from him and go about bringing the change. As far as opposition party is considered they must accept that when it was their chance they did not perform, so now when the ruling party is doing something good, they must let it happen for the good of the country.

The duo of Vishal-Shekhar sang some beautiful melodies for the audience. When asked about their chemistry, they answered by praising each other and said that the mutual admiration for each other always led them to good work. The audience also got to know that for them its one person who accepts and rejects their song and that is Shekhar’s 12-yr old daughter who has a great sense of music.

Sonakshi Sinha and Arjun Kapoor were absolute fun and entertaining. They both are coming together in the latest flick thats called Tevar. Sonakshi was wearing Hemant and Nandita Spring/Summer 2015 and she looked different in her new haircut. Arjun Kapoor was well dressed and he spoke well too. I quite liked his answer when he said that ‘We are not horses in a race. We are the youngest in the bollywood and are blessed to have got the opportunity to act. I am quite enjoying my profession. We love to act because we enjoy our work.’


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