How about some Peri-Peri time at Barcelos in Delhi?

Hey People,  I am back from my FAM trip of Thailand and believe me it was one delightful trip. I was part of the media group to cover Songran Festival (Thai New Year) and I had a fun water party. Of course there will be detailed accounts of it and I will talk about all my adventures in length and breadth but before that let me introduce this new restaurant that I visited last Wednesday before leaving for Chiang Mai in Thailand. This one deserves a mention.

I relish variants of Chicken dishes…

I have been a big foodie since childhood.  Restaurants were always my favorite hangouts though my Mum would cook the best meals. With age the love for interesting flavors has grown and my taste buds are always on a lookout for interesting platters.  I am non-vegetarian who loves well cooked spicy chicken more than anything.  Aske me for any of it- juicy/crispy/flame-grilled/Tandoori/Roasted chicken variants any day and I am game for it. In fact a few years ago when I dated my vegetarian husband all our fights would get resolved instantly if he took me out for a chicken treat.  ;)

A Week Ago when I visited Barcelos….

Barcelos at Khan Market
Barcelos interiors This picture is shot at its upper floor

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I was fascinated by the Pull and Blow Sugar Sculptures

Like I always say curiosity and the desire to explore something new in me takes me to different places. This time I was invited to an international event on pastry delights and I keenly went around to see what goes behind baking and pastry industry. It was a happy occasion as Academy of Pastry Arts was launching its first set up in India. The academy is already a famous one in Malaysia. And now first of its kind, an international academy for pastry cooking has forayed into the Indian market.

I wanted to know more about the chefs who experiment and tantalize our eyes and taste buds both with their art of cooking. Let me start on a high note,  I met Ewald Notter, the World Pastry Champion here and loved capturing him making a beautiful Sugar sculpture. Before the event, I did not even know that there exists an art  where artistic centerpieces are composed of crystallized sugar and its melts.

Sugar Art that is called Pull and Blow   (All of it below is made up of Sugar)



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Are you ‘India’s Digital Superstar’?

The Powerful Digital Media

Recently I met two young guys in an event. The cousins had come from Indore.  We chatted for sometime and there I learnt that one of them was a class eleventh student and other was in second year of graduation. When I further queried them about their life and aspirations, they told me that they were already a part of a band and were aiming to take it seriously.  This got me really curious and I asked them how did they begin and to this they said, they showcased their work through digital platforms and You tube brought them lot of appreciation. A few years ago none could have dreamt of this but today its absolutely possible. Unique work, talent in you and determination to carve a niche for yourself can take you to places… believe me it can. Digital Media is very powerful!

Digital Superstar

What is India Digital Superstar?

It is first digital talent show which will involve non-stop auditions, non-stop opportunity, 24/7 content and non-stop fun. Yes, I am talking about the big show that will showcase youth spirits and their unique talents. As per the unique concept of this gala show, everyone and anyone will have a chance to participate. One doesn’t need to travel to different cities or places but only upload videos of their talent. These days digital media is a great tool to energize the youth. This show will encourage them to make the best use of it. The audience and the judges will decide the winner. The number of views and likes will decide your popularity. Continue reading Are you ‘India’s Digital Superstar’?

It was a memorable experience to meet and greet Kangana Ranaut

For those who feel that bloggers aren’t celebrated enough, read the story below to change your mind. I have always loved to reiterate the fact that blogging is one of the most wonderful thing that has happened in my life. It has given me beautiful experiences which no pay packet would buy for me. Here is the story of my recent blogging win.

Well it would be a lie if I said that I write for blogging contests not to win. Who doesn’t love to be on a roll? Blogging is not just about beautiful prizes but also about creating magic with words. Keeping the prizes aside, I always ensure that I come up with creative blogs. One such creative blog post took me to Mumbai to meet the National Award winner, Kangana Ranaut.

In the first week of February I got a mail from Blogmint which talked about this #KanganaMeetandGreet contest organized by Ask Me Bazaar. The topic was fun and I instantly wanted to do it differently. More, I eyed the coveted prize. Mumbai is a place that I love visiting and here was a chance to meet Kangana Ranaut.  Who doesn’t love to have a brush with Bollywood, I am no different.  

Honestly, I had forgotten about it until a beautiful surprise dropped in my mail one day. When the marketing team informed me that I had won the contest and would be flown to Mumbai to meet Kangana, I  double checked to confirm. Yes, there was a doubt in mind because the start of the fun was planned for 1st April (I must confess that at one time I even thought it was a prank on me).  Thankfully, it was all true as stated and some real fun time awaited me. Of course, I was super excited because by this time Kangana had won her second  National Award too. I had loved her in Fashion , Tanu weds Manu and Queen. 

2 days in Mumbai were all about crazy photo-shooting , fun and the paparazzi…

Kangana Ranaut, Ask Me Bazaar, Meet and Greet, Mumbai

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BOAT SCHOOL: The floating boat on the river Ganga that imparts education!

Education makes us powerful. It is the basis of economic development for every society.There is so much that can be achieved with education for our sustenance and our country. But if we talk of India, illiteracy is one of the biggest challenge our country has been facing neck to neck with economic disparity. This finds it roots in the  alarming population. Due to poverty, children of the poor are deprived of education. I wonder how long this will go on but the least we can do is we can either contribute to the society or we can support the people who are trying to bring the change. No doubt, we have a long way to go about it but every effort is countable. With this post I would love to talk about a floating school that is both a novel concept and a sign of hope.

Learning on Board

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Sucre d’Orge: French Fashionable is here!

Whats new on my mind? 

Curiosity takes me to new places.  As I never forget to mention ‘Blogging is fun’ and no less it given me interesting experiences. Be it fashion events, food fests or product launches I generally prefer to explore everything that’s lifestyle related.  Beyond learning about the new, I always look forward to meet like-minded people, pick on information and bring back something unique to share with my readers.  Today’s post is little offbeat because I haven’t written about kids fashion before but then I wanted to do this for my adorable niece and nephew who make my life beautiful.

Sucre d’Orge & Cie

Recently I was officially invited for a walk-through the flagship store of  Sucre d’Orge & Cie at Select Citywalk, Saket. It is French No. 1 gifting destination for baby products. I had a rendezvous with the director of the brand, Sahil Lamba and it was fun to hear it all from a young Dad. He not only talked about kids fashion, style and comfort but also knew the intricate details of hows and whys behind the clothing and design.  From the inside of the shop, he noticed a man holding a baby of one year and he was quick to point out that he is carrying the baby in the most uncomfortable way. There goes the precision! One must know their job well. 

When I asked him what got him into this business?

To this he honestly accepted that ‘buying and wasting money on all the wrong things for his own kid (two years old) led him into starting this.’

Doll, Sucre d'Orge

Baby Gifting isn’t easy!

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The Money Book: Not just another book


My readers know I am absolutely fascinated by books and I appreciate them in all forms. Last week a new book came my way, the one that did not have much to be read but lots to be filled in.

Money Book, Insurance, Protection, Banking, Health
My Money Book

The book looks super-cute in red and white. The beautiful design of a heart on the cover page touches the emotional chord of the reader almost instantly.  The words ‘banking’, ‘safety’, ‘insurance’, ‘protection’, ‘care’ etc  are sure to make you curious to venture further. By this time, its get almost evident that this book is about book-keeping of investments.


My Money Book- Details
Why is Money Book Important for you?

Numbers have never been my cup of tea. No doubt I am too bad at money handling matters as well. At the end of financial year every time,  there comes a day when I run around helter-skelter to gather my investment details. More, I even forget the numbers,  payment and maturity dates of the mutual funds and policies.  Maintaining the original proof copies also makes me hapless. The days of one bank account are also over. With every new job, it becomes unavoidable not to have a new bank relationship. Hence, a record book is one essential thing for people like me. 

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Cancel makes me sad but Uncancel makes me happy again!

I could see that Mum was beaming with happiness. She was so excited to go to Kolkata after twenty one years. Her childhood had been so many stories around Howrah bridge where her cousins lived. Before marriage visit to Kolkata every year was a ritual. She couldn’t be without meeting her Kaka Kaki and their children. After marriage she introduced my Dad to the vibrant city, took him along to show him her roots but gradually with time the visits got spaced over a few years and eventually died down. Yes, everyone got busy. While she had me in her life to take all her attention, even her cousins moved to other cities. The Kolkata chapter began to fade out.

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We need to put all the DIGITS right to make a DIGITAL INDIA

Narendra Modi joined 18th National Conference on e-Governance through Twitter

Picture taken from twitter!

Our PM was not able to attend the 18th National Conference on e-Governance at its venue but he joined it through Twitter.  Social media with the help of technology enabled him to keep a tab on an important conference from another place. The conference updates were available for everyone on twitter, thus the citizens of India could keep an eye on its happenings as well.  They could also raise questions and ask for clarifications.  This is what Digital India stands for. Collaborating digital platforms for the citizens to participate in the governance of the country. 

What is #DigitalIndia?

Projected at Rs 1,13,000 crores, it is an ambitious project of the government to assimilate all forms of technology, create the infrastructure, impart the right education to its citizens , see through the knowledge based transformation and make them all a part of digitally empowered society.

3 Key areas that form the basis of it

  • Every Citizen must possess Digital Infrastructure
  • Availability of Governance & Services on Demand
  • Citizens must realize their Digital Empowerment


Digital India

The above picture encompasses vision of #DigitalIndia


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5 Star Hotels in Delhi: 5 reasons to ring in them!

5 star hotel in Delhi, Travel
Experience Luxury in 5 star hotel

What is so endearing, extravagant and pompous about 5 star hotels? Well, I did not know until I visited one when I was in sixth standard. Since it was my first time in one of the plush properties, I was totally taken in by its luxuriance. I remember I had gone ga-ga over the grand ballroom, plush washroom and the multi-cuisine buffet for months. I had been fascinated by its opulence and wonderful offerings but of course at that time they were never on my parents agenda. The 5 star visits were absolutely a royal indulgence and dint happen until a lavish party invite came from a known one once in five years. But now my work, holidays and blogging takes me to them frequently and I get to enjoy their billowy comforts. Indeed, I love revisiting them and the elaborate menus and personalized services keep me cheerful.

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Muthoot, As they do their bit for human and nature

This blog post talks about Muthoot Finance and one of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.  I  am extending my support to the cause by spreading word about it.

Muthoot-Haathi Mera Saathi

Picture Courtesy

Borrowing or Money lending against assets has been a part of our history. Rather, in times of need the idea of taking loans against assets or income is definitely a savior. However, if it’s about money, nothing comes easy. The paper work involved in banks has never been a smooth ride for anyone. There are instances when it really becomes difficult and one looks for alternative ways to secure loan. In situations like this a meaty role is played by gold mortgage players.

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Coffee and Dessert Indulgence at Longitude, Le Meirdien

“Guilt Free Delight” and “latte art” - Longitude- Le Meridien Delhi
“Guilt Free Delight” and “latte art” – Longitude- Le Meridien Delhi

I do not have a sweet tooth at all but I live in the company of those who just can’t live without it. My Mum-in-law adores sugar and there are times when my Dad and hubby have to be restricted from over indulgence in sweets. Every time I have to suggest them please go for sugar-free options.  Pat comes the answer, ‘No, it isn’t interesting at all!’

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In Singapore, I loved the common food of its indigenous people!

Merlion in Singapore
In Singapore, visiting the Merlion is a must. In the same way not eating the local food is a sin. Food is a very serious affair in Singapore!


Food republic, Singapore, Travel Places to Eat in Singapore
Yes, Singapore is a Food Republic. It is a food loving nation.

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Desi Roots, Saket: Its uniquely different as well as more than Desi!

Food keeps us going and we all love good food,  Isn’t it? Personally, for me its a great stress-buster. I am happy if there is good food around me. I may be full but still I always appreciate the idea of being around tempting aromas. It can easily make me hungry again. ;)

At home, my Mum is one awesome cook and thus taste quotient and flavors are always a priority for me when I choose to eat outside home. However, being an artistic person I always have an eye for themed settings, interesting interiors and accentuating sophistication to make my experience a memorable one.

When its worth a talk, I blog about it!

How about if I take you around a new and upbeat ‘all day modern Cafe & Bar’ in the heart of the place that buzzes with food and fashion? It was a Blogger’s Table at Desi Roots, Saket on 18th March.  You must read below to discover its dynamism and diversity in its cuisines and concept. And I am sure you would want to know whats the ‘Lock and Key’ ritual here.

Desi Roots at Saket

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It was both Fun and Feast at Westin, Gurgaon

On 18th March, I had an invite to do some food tasting for Burgers, Beers and More at Westin Gurgaon. 

The  international spirit about this classic American combination ‘burger and beer’ is  the new culinary icon to have caught foodies attention in India too.  This pairing is being called a match made in heaven.

Seasonal Tastes at Westin, Gurgaon hosted a 10 day- long food festival ( 13th March till 22nd March, 2015)  centered around the new hot and cool combination- Burgers and Beers! There were some interesting, mouthwatering burgers to choose from in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections. To add to the culinary extravaganza there were some cold, crisp draft beer for the relishing gulp.

Along with that, I also enjoyed my dinner at The Seasonal Tastes existing buffet spread which was no less than a lavish spread.

Burgers, Westin Gurgaon
Soyabean Burger – Beers, Burgers and More at Westin Gurgaon

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Water: The precious liquid, lets learn about its alkaline form!

Its absolutely precious because our body is 70% Water.  Its hard to think of a day without using or drinking water.  Water is life! It is a natural resource and thus we take it for granted. There was a time when we could consume the tap water directly but now it isn’t safe.  Worse is not all can afford purified or filtered water. Adding to our woes there is a looming shortage predicted of this precious liquid. In future it may become an expensive commodity.

Lets discuss and focus our attention on clean water on World Water Day (22nd March) as over 700  million people lack access to safe water.  Also, every fifteen minute a child dies due to water borne disease, mind it from a preventable one. So much waste  from our end goes untreated in the water bodies. Thus we reap what we sow.  Therefore, its important that we realize it soon that we owe much to this natural resource and have a responsibility to use it wisely, drink it wisely and help others to get access to pure drinkable water. Also lets learn about a better form of water for drinking.  Its alkaline in nature!!!


A better Water, Lets explore!

Drinking water is a necessity for a healthy life. Water not only cures dehydration of the body but it controls many cells and tissues and thus even metabolism is connected with it.  I remember falling ill to jaundice and it happened because I drank unclean tap water.  In the cities we are crippled by pollution in all forms, thus it becomes absolutely important to purify our drinking water. Boiling water kills the germs but yet its not the right kind of water that our body needs. Even Reverse Osmosis is not the solution because it is purest form of water, deprived of many useful elements that body needs. In fact purified water in its mineral free form is very aggressive. The ideal water should be alkaline and should be rich in calcium and magnesium.

Water_HydroJal Plus, World Water Day


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I am Happy, Are you?

This post is dedicated to International Day of Happiness

HAPPINESS is ABC of life! It is an addictive, beautiful and charming word.  Who doesn’t want to be happy? Rather we do it all in life to let not this emotion distance from us.  What is Happiness? It may seem just a simple word but as I write I feel it cannot be defined in a single word. Easily said than achieved, it is an experience of the mind and the heart. Possibly it is a series of joyful feelings. From the innocent gesture on a child’s face to a radiant bright smile on an elderly’s face , happiness has so much about it. Wow!! Wish I could grab it always!!! Continue reading I am Happy, Are you?

#CreateFearlessly: Mum and I had a great time cooking together

If I tell you that my Mum is my favorite cook, you would say whose Mum isn’t. Well I wouldn’t argue on this because all mothers are queens of their kitchen. Initially I would never appreciate my mum’s cooking, like every other kid had my own set of tantrums of not eating this or that but once I landed up in the hostel for four years of my engineering studies, I underwent a change. I developed immense respect for my Mum and her cooking. I would crave for her lunchboxes and  the lavish menus of Sundays.

My mother enjoys cooking and she is the famous one in our family. Even my hubby is fond of her cooking.  I live in the same city as my parents and I visit them often. My husband lets me stay with them when ever I demand but he has only one condition, ‘You must learn some cooking from Mumma’.  So now you may conclude that I am nothing close to a good cook when it comes to cooking.  Well, I have an excuse to this, my sweet Mum would never let me in the kitchen and eventually I went away from the house. For the first time when I had to put up on my own, I didnt even know how to chop vegetable. But later Mum on the phone and youtube/cookery blogs on the laptop became a great help.

My Mum makes a lot of local food and experiments with different recipes but never teaches me much.   ;) She believes in wholesome food than their junk avatars, thus she isn’t much into baking and grilling pizza and pastas. But I have been convincing her that she must explore this side of cooking too because there is so much that can be done with new electronic appliances. To this she says she is happy with her microwave.  At the start of the year, one day she asked me, Which OTG should I buy?Wow! this sounded good to me. I was happy that Mum wanted to learn some cake making. I simply told her, don’t worry about this, you will have one soon.

And as blogging would have it.  Last month U gifted a PARTY PLANNER to Mum.  Thanks to HAMILTON BEACH and Blogadda for sending it to me and encouraging me to #CreateFearlessly.

The PARTY PLANNER consists of OTG and Hand Blender. With the OTG, Mum and I did some group cooking and had a great time. Believe me it was so much fun to learn things from Mum and at the same time share some knowledge with her.

OVEN-TOASTER-GRILL– This has lovely accessories for baking, grilling and roasting. Its absolute fun with the Rotisserie which is a style of roasting where chicken is skewered on a long solid rod. Its capacity is 32 litre and 1500 watt.  

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There are some real good deals hidden in the promotional mails

Initially I would read them because they came with attractive subjects. Gradually I thought they were nothing more than marketing gimmicks. In sometime I wanted to know a way to trash them all as they flooded my mailbox. But today I say read them to discover something new. Believe me some of them can be seriously interesting. I am talking about promotional mails.

As perception goes, I considered them no less than junk mails which were not meant to be read. With them not stopping to take a breath and dropping in every hour, I would feel extremely irritated. I loved my mailbox clean and tidy but they did not let it be that way. Random deletion was not the option because I had lost a couple of mails that way. But it was important to get rid of the mess.  One day I decided to clean it all. I could have done a group selection and clicked on the recycle bin but something in me prompted me to read them one by one in place of trashing them in bulk. Continue reading There are some real good deals hidden in the promotional mails

The couple that loves to do the laundry together!

At first I thought he may not want to pose doing it all but no he didn’t throw tantrums at all.  Rather he modeled for it superbly and announced it proudly to his sister and friends too. 

(This is what my husband told his family and friends when he had a word with them on phone)

‘Hey, don’t forget to read my wife’s blog in next two days, I will be seen taking the #WashBucketChallenge initiated by Ariel India. I will be doing the Sunday laundry there. Do read and get inspired too!

Honestly, I didn’t know how it sounded to them and how they reacted but it meant many things to me- sweet, cute, funny, sporty, self-praising but worth it, supportive to the cause and absolutely honest.

Last time when I wrote for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob I did mention that my husband has always been a enthusiastic participant in the household chores. I must share one super awesome quality about him that though he lives a life out of a suitcase (yeah I am a consultant’s wife), he never returns with bag fulls of dirty clothes for me. Yes,  he ensures he does the laundry, get them done and then return with clean clothes.  I am absolutely proud of him. Believe me he is a super cook and a great help while managing the laundry. Oh yes, I feel too low and cry my heart out when he isn’t around… now you know why!  :)  ;)

Since he isn’t traveling this month, like an usual Sunday he took charge of his laundry. The detergent Ariel matic was sent to me by blogadda. Together we took the Wash Bucket Challenge. For this prompt I have attempted a photo-blog ( a self story told by the detergent itself)   and have tried unique captions for my clicks. Hope you enjoy!!!

The music will set the mood and the atmosphere!!!

 I am ARIELMATIC complete+, My packing is super-cute right?

I have just landed at the Sehgal’s place and they are excited to see ME. Interesting!!!



Mr. Sehgal is all set to take the #WashBucketChallenge. Wow, his wife is so lucky.


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I loved the colorful palette at KRYOLAN

On Sunday I was invited to the below event and I had a great time in exploring and learning the depths of professional make up and its science with KRYOLAN

Ev​ENT:  KRYOLAN ​​New Product’s Launch and International Make-Up Trends Presentation by Tara Moghaddam

Venue:  KRYOLAN City, A-7, Lajpat Nagar II​, New Delhi


We Color The World
We Color The World at Kryolan city



The event showcased some unique and innovative fashion make up trends and styles. It was fun and interactive. It helped me understand the difference between professional make-up and everyday beauty make-up. The walk-around the showroom introduced me to a wide range of Kryolan products and its awesome palette of colors. 

I walked in Kryolan city at 11.30 a.m., met other bloggers, walked around the showroom to explore the products. The Kryolan team was extremely co-operative and helpful and told us about the different products , shades and the color intensities. Later, Tara Moghaddham, the make-up artist, educator and trainer from London presented different realms of fashion make-up and educated us on the globally acclaimed latest trends. She also told us that why getting creative is easy with Kryolan because the same products can be used for eyes, cheeks and lips. There are no restrictions and its fun to do experiments.

She presented three make up designs too and it was fun to learn it all. Finally, there was some interesting product launch too. I loved the body jewels.

Professional Make Up
Professional Make Up

Fashion and makeup is part of lifestyle and I was inspired to get fashionable.  I also leaent why Kryolan says ‘Make up is a science’ for them. Kryolan is also doing their great efforts over running educational seminars explaining advanced application techniques of make-up, innovations in high definition and the international perspective of creative make-up. The whole event was enjoyed over wine and yummy snacks.


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UnCancel is a great TRAVEL idea

I remember it happened with my Oslo trip. My tickets were done and I was all excited to go to Europe, meet my husband after months and celebrate my first anniversary with him. But the embassy played a spoilsport and did not issue me my visa within the due time. I was very disappointed to cancel the trip. Of course I did take it later but at a higher cost because I bought the tickets for the next day. So how I wish #Uncancel option would have been there. 

Last  time you canceled your trip because you were not well, you were not sure, you were gripped in by unfavorable circumstances. But suddenly in a weeks time, things are all fine and you want to go for it again. I am sure it has happened with all of us. How has been the experience?

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Power of being #together!

A family that lives together, laughs together, sings together and griefs together is a real family. There are so many times when you don’t even realize you are sad if there is a shoulder to cry over.  In loneliness, it can stress you to the core. A family is a very integral part of our existence, happiness, new endeavors and success. This is the power of togetherness.  Its absolutely magical !

We Are Together In This Journey

This story comes from my past. Happily, I would love to share.  It was the day when I had felt too low  (close to suicidal) in life but my family acted like a strength and motivation. It was my placement season,  the first day and while the whole batch thought I would be among the top contenders to make it, to everyone’s shock I did not.  When the results were declared, I almost went numb when my name wasn’t announced. Even my friends couldn’t believe that I was not among the selected group. While all the selected batchmates began to rejoice and have fun, I couldn’t  take up the rejection on my face.  Continue reading Power of being #together!

Affordable Hygiene- ‘End The Red Stain’

We thrive in the plush cities, we have the basic amenities and most of us  can decide for ourselves,  yet we crib about our versions of gender inequality that prevails.  But looking at the plight of women in the rural, I feel we are blessed.  There women are still struggling for the basic comforts, the smallest of things.

Oops, those days! I shouldn’t talk about it. Really? Well, I will.

Urban women can’t think of a day without the sanitary napkins during the menstruation. Its one thing that makes our life comfortable on those cramp-py days.  And we simply complain about our pain. Before I say more, read the stats below…

  • 88% women in rural India cannot afford sanitary napkins
  • 81% rural women resort to unsterilised cloth, sawdust, leaves
  • 30% girls in rural India have already dropped out of school after menstruation

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15 delightful charms of Clarke Quay in Singapore

Must tell you before I talk about Clarke Quay!! SINGAPORE has clinched the number one spot as Top Country to Visit in 2015 by Lonely Planet. Also it is celebrating  50th anniversary of its independence this year.

Clarke Quay in SIngapore
Clarke Quay in Singapore- A place that buzzes with life and activity.


Clarke Quay-Singapore, Fun, NightLife, Travel
The Party Never ends at Clarke Quay


First things first

  • In Singapore, I was in love with this place. This vibrant piece of the city appealed to me as an interesting array of entertainment, color, life, diversity and more.
  • In November when I visited Singapore, I ensured to return to Clarke Quay again on the 6th day of the trip to celebrate my third marriage anniversary.
  • Honestly, I did not know what a Quay looked like until Singapore made me curious because the Singapore river boasts of 3 different quays- Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay.
  • Now, getting to the literal meaning of a Quay which I actually googled to interpret better.

‘A platform or structure on the shore of a harbour or on the bank of a river or canal where ships  dock to load and unload cargo or passengers is a Quay.’

  • Clarke Quay is a must visit place whenever you are in Singapore. In the evening it makes a perfect place to stroll around hand in hand with anyone you love. In the night, its absolutely colorful as the water reflects all that it receives. The pictures below speak for themselves.

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Go to Selvam in Melaka for the authentic Banana leaf meal

If only FOOD and  spicy South INDIAN food is on your mind, savor the pictures below to get growling HUNGRY!!!

I was told that Selvam is classic banana leaf restaurant in Melaka (Malaysia) and has won many awards for serving best Indian food in the area. After my visit there I can definitely say if you are a foodie, love spicy indulgence and have a taste for South Indian delicacies, you just can’t afford to miss this one whenever you are in Melaka.




Well, in my previous posts in Malaysia series, I have already enticed my readers to travel to Melaka. It is one serene place where I would want to go again any day. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site.  I often recommend this place (2 hrs away from Kuala Lumpur) who only know about Petronas or Penang, Langkawi in Malaysia.

On our second day in Melaka also called Melacca, after exploring the historical beauty of this place by walking around the place, we got really hungry. Our guide told us we were not eating at the hotel but at an Indian place which would take around ten minutes to reach. It was hot and humid in August in the afternoon and we were really tired but I think the wait to reach the place was worth it. 

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Hi, how do you Denim?

Note: There is a Secret Message for all Denim lovers at the end of this article.

Denims, more specifically, jeans, have taken over the clothing industry faster than any other garment has and are as widely embraced, worn and loved the world over.  The classic symbol of the American West is now a staple in wardrobes around the world. From a waiter at a restaurant, to the most influential people in the world, everybody has jeans as an important part of their wardrobe.

Have you ever wondered why jeans are so popular?

The main reason for their popularity among the people was not only because of the different ways they are worn, but the different and particular styles in which they ‘wear’. The way jeans wear off over time or the way the “age” says a lot about the person wearing them. They have become a common representative for anyone and everyone’s unique personality. Durable, comfortable and yet stylish enough to always be a part of the latest trends, Jeans are forever.

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Cracking the Code: My Bollywood Journey


Gloominess and solemn gripped our family last month as we lost a family member. In these sad times, the only bright little things that have been coming to our house are the courier packets. Last fortnight I received 18 books. Despite of all odds, everyone in the family looks forward to the new books. They love the knock of the postman because each day he brings along a new addition to our library. The wonderful books that fall out of the courier packets cheer us up and brighten our days. In fact everyone in my family has taken up to reading and from the cover page to the blurb to the story, all of us enjoy discussing books.

Books are a great way to help us de-stress, inspire and motivate us to move forward in life.


Cracking-the-Code-Book Review, Ayushmann Khurrana, Tahira Kashyap


Ayushmann Khurrana has co-authored the book ‘Cracking the Code’ with his wife Tahira Kashyap. The book has honest, cute, sweet, embarrassing details about his life and career.

Bollywood always gets my eye. If you have been following me you know that I never miss a chance to read a book that has to do about the glamour world and its people. Reading has helped me to know the the stories behind the big stars. Believe me, Bollywood is not all about page 3 parties but lot of hard work and focus goes in to the making of the superstars. And the most important thing is that not everyone who has a God father has sure chances of success here.  It does give chance to everyone and people with unknown surnames have been successful in carving a niche for themselves.

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Ramayana: Simplified version and a lovely read

Book Review- Ramayana, The Game of Life, Shattered Dreams Book 2


Valmiki’s Ramayana- the great epic tale has fascinated story tellers and lovers for ages. I remember my father had gifted me a children’s version of this spiritual and motivational tale when I was eight. I had loved reading about the Ayodhaya prince and about his marriage to the beautiful Sita. The whole journey of his life had been like a magical tale to my eyes but later his fourteen years of exile devised by his loving step mother had been absolutely heartbreaking.  Later, the win of Rama over Ravana that follows in the story is known by all and his return to Ayodhaya after fourteen years is  celebrated as Hindu festival of Lights- Diwali.

Ramayana is one big, beautiful story that will always be known for its eternal wisdom. Whenever someone mentions it, for me it never means Rama’s story but a conglomeration of many stories intertwined perfectly. I have read it in many forms but every time it mesmerizes me all the more. I always wonder when it was all destined and planned by the Gods, why the pain couldn’t have been less when Kaikeyi proposes exile for Rama, Dasaratha dies in bereavement of his son and Sita and Rama are separated by Ravana? On the other hand it has a valued lesson of life, that no matter what each one of us has to live through our own karmas and circumstances of life. Thus lets live it in a righteous way.  

“Damned by despair and buoyed by hope. Isn’t that what life is about? Life is a combination of hope and despair. The one that dominates you, carves your personality”. 

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My beautiful optimistic and Look Up story

In life, more than joys and sorrows, its about happy and sad moments and how we live them. The wise people always say that we should try and maintain calm and composure in all situations of life and look forward to positively always.

Look up stories


If we really look around to stand and stare, the joys and happiness of life lie in  little things. A sumptuous breakfast of your choice, a beautiful flower in the garden, little baby’s smile, parents encouraging words, partner’s hug, favorite lunch box, appreciation mail, an easy fulfilling day etc. These are about everyday sweet nothings but there are some things in life for which we plan and set goals and their achievement too gives us optimism and hope for the future. Graduating with flying colors, doing good in career, booking a car, moving in your own house, getting married, giving birth are other things in life that bring optimism in life, our world and future.

On most of the days, I wake up all excited and enthusiastic looking forward to a meaningful day. I am happy and positive about the proceedings of the day. Even if some of the things do not go as planned, they do not affect me. But on the contrary there are few days in  month when I feel hopeless and drained on energy especially when I am ill or physically unfit.

Fiver years ago it happened so that I was diagnosed with jaundice and I had to opt for bed rest for more than a month. Even post recuperation, I felt too low in my life. Since I always felt weak and less on energy,  I could not walk around much, attend work etc. Even my favorite job of reading books did not put the smile back on my house. The doctors were saying that I was improving but something inside me did not give me a very encouraging feel.

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Colorful, Vibrant and a Gala Show in Mumbai- Discover Thainess 2015

Hiya Readers, 

As promised, I am back with yet another post in the ‘Discover Thainess’  series.

Did you know that last year (2014) Thailand won eight Indian tourism awards- Best Wedding Destination, Best Spa Destination, Best Destination, Best International Tourism Board, Best Value Destination, etc? Read on to know more…

Delhi to Mumbai-Jet AirwaysI traveled from New Delhi to Mumbai to attend ‘Discover Thainess launch’ in Mumbai on 25th February.

Beautiful Thai Art and masks were at display in the colorful room

If you have been to Thailand, I bet the pictures in the blog-post will remind you of many nostalgic memories but if you are still planning to discover Thainess, let me arouse the urge in you. This  wonderful treat of Thai culture which will convince you more to take the trip soon. However,  I was lucky enough to experience it all in India itself. The trip to Thailand will happen soon. Amen!

The Ball room in Palladium hotel in Mumbai was decked up beautifully. No one could guess the occasion was a press conference. Honestly, the lavish theme event organized by Thailand Tourism board spoke of their commitment in growing a deep bond with Indian travelers. I must say that a marketing campaign should speak for itself and and this one absolutely hit the nail. 

I bet everyone in the room must have experienced the thought of traveling to Thailand soon. The Amphawa floating market was my favorite. 

Amphawa Market
Amphawa Market



Amphawa Floating market, Discover Thainess, Amazing Thailand, Palladium Grand Ball Room
Amphawa Floating market- the boat is loaded with lots of stuff


“2015 Discover Thainess” campaign,  priceless treasures of Thailand
The beautiful stage of “2015 Discover Thainess” campaign

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#TheWorldRemade: My long list of remaking the World

Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.

Malala Yousafzai

I have complete faith in the above quote but I have addition to make. One is just a number, it actually means each one has to come forward for the change. I want to be part of the revolution of #TheWorldRemade but before that I have my long list to share. 

  • It starts in the house- boys and girls, men and women are not treated equal.  Everyday I question it but no one knows why. Where did it start? None has an answer. I wish of a world of role reversals.
  • Who is a woman? Someone who is weak, born to be a home-maker, get married, bear children, meant to entertain, judged every now and then, not taken seriously at work,  to be kept in the cage and anytime be ogled, raped and killed. I seek a new meaning for ‘Woman’.
  • Enough is enough! Wish there would come a day when the poor would have enough courage to stand for their rights. None should feel a victim of injustice, harassment, suppression.  
  • Wish the below list of words could be eradicated from the society forever- Law and order chaos, political coups, Social and economic injustice, civil disorders, brutal killings, hijack, bomb blasts, nuclear warfare.
  • Believe in our own strength and idea is what we need. Small ideas can contribute to the big change. We ordinary people can bring a wonderful change if we all work together. Let us all put our foot forward to make the world a happy place.
  • Let us all not cling to dogmas, superstitions, blinding faiths of religion.  The world and its happenings are progressive in nature. Lets adopt the change with open arms and more than that lets be the change we want to see. 
  • So there is everyone who is working for something or the other. Many are working for the betterment of climate, poverty eradication, deforestation, peace prevail, water and hunger, conservation, ecological degradation, human rights, and more. But for the world to be remade, we have to say we are working to bring the change in ourselves. 

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How easy it is to commute in Delhi?

In Delhi, Taxi commuting in Delhi, Cab service

Delhi is a vast city and with a huge population taking shelter in its magnanimous expanse, it definitely has large expectations to serve. In the last fifteen years, I have seen Delhi emerge as a metropolitan city. From the flyovers to civic constructions to Delhi Metro I have seen things happen to help us around better. But even today, after the presence of huge number of buses and autos we have not been able to connect the dots.

In all these years the number of cars has severely multiplied choking the traffic on every city road. Have we ever bothered to think that why people in Europe prefer public transport and we in India still shrug the idea of it? The answer is known to all that the public transport has yet not earned a satisfactory place in our day to day life. Our private vehicles and hired taxis only take us to the absolute corners otherwise it can be a very tiresome journey. Taking best advantage of this situation the Delhi cab service have thrived.

With rising pace and expanding periphery, the capital city still has many remote areas and weak connectivity. There are so many routes that one doesn’t find a Metro line and the only saviours are the buses which are overcrowded, dirty at times and that which take the longest route. Also buses can never be a solution for door to door, convenient movement until our destination lies close to the bus stop. Even getting an auto in some areas is not easy many a times. For example if you have to reach airport, it often becomes a hapless situation for me as a lady to change bus, then auto and then reach in time. Thus, the taxi service in Delhi comes very handy and comfortable.

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Pack your bag: 5 Tips To Plan your travel to India

India is my country and I live in its vibrant capital city, New Delhi. I love traveling and exploring other countries and culture but at the same time I am mesmerized by the vastness of my own homeland. If you have been fascinated by our beautiful tales, its time to pack your bags, come and visit our magical land.

The below picture was taken in Kochi in India. The country is as beautiful and colorful as this.

The pic I shot in Kochi, Nissan event


India with its century old civilization, grand historic monuments, exotic locations and interesting culture is one of the most popular country for the tourists. India is a vast country, which is blessed with diverse climatic conditions and terrain, the fact which should be kept in mind before planning trip to India. Also, it is a developing country which can prove to be daunting and chaotic for newcomers, if proper planning is not done. Here, are some tips which can help you in getting maximum out of your trip and would assist in enjoying to the fullest.

1. Plan places to visit and things to do

As I have said earlier, India is a vast country that has plethora of tourist attractions with its own charm and beauty. There are beautiful beaches and tropical scenery in the South, lush green hill stations in the North, popular forests in the center, the thriving metropolises spread all across country and the birth place of Buddhism in the East. Among tourist hotspots Taj Mahal in Agra, the red fort and Qutub Minar in Delhi and Golden Temple in Amritsar are most popular. In the south, Kerala is known as God’s own country. As you have seen that these attractions are spread all over country, which makes it important to plan where you want to go. If this isn’t done you may waste lot of time in travelling rather than enjoying your trip.

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This World Cup, grab your TICKET to CHEER

Before the World Cup Season while we have been jittery answering this tough one- Will India be able to defend their title at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015?,  the team has already given us two wins and taken away the nervousness. Yes, the team deserves all the cheers and applauds for a superb start. I am sure in this age of technology there isn’t a cricket fan left who hasn’t updated or tweeted about it yet. On the last two Sundays, the timelines on my twitter and Facebook pages absolutely went berserk. The happiness oozed out in gallons on the social media where fans cheered at every ball.

Well we all know that India is a nation where Cricket is considered more than a game. It is almost like a religion that emotionally binds and blinds the fans. Just like we love to celebrate our festivals together, we also love to watch our cricket matches together. Rather I have learnt that people in different parts of the country have always had their own way of cheering for the Indian team. While some do lunch and dinner parties with friends and family, others gang around in restaurants. The older generations still loves to hook to their television/radio while the on-the-go people keep an update through cricinfo now and no one cares for the pollution from crackers if India wins. Well the crux of the story is all of us madly love to cheer for cricket and none wishes to be on the losing side.   ;)

Yes  #WeWontGiveItBack !

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Chinese New Year reminds me of my visit to Chinatown in Singapore

Chinatown Sinagpore, Chinatown Heritage Centre
Chinatown Singapore

Its 19th February 2015 – the Chinese New Year or you may call it the Lunar New Year.  For many in China its the most special reunion and family dinner time!!

A very happy-happy one to everyone whose reading it.  Hope you know, its a sheep/ goat/ram year this time and therefore don’t forget to wear sheep talismans or accessories to have a great year.    :) 

And if you behave like a sheep, I am sure everything’s gonna be great! I love sheep, they look so cute and docile. 

China town in Singapore
Chinese New Year is all about resplendent Red

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TaleSpin, It spins wonderful tales…

Nobel Laureate Sir V.S. Naipaul launching debut author Nickunj Malik's book TaleSpin at ITC Maurya, New Delhi.Also seen in the pic is Sir Naipaul's wife Lady Nadira Naipaul
Nobel Laureate Sir V.S. Naipaul launching debut author Nickunj Malik’s book TaleSpin at ITC Maurya, New Delhi.Also seen in the pic is Sir Naipaul’s wife Lady Nadira Naipaul


L-R -Debut Author Nickunj Malik with eminent writer and playwright Farrukh Dhondy , Nickunj's daughter Nikita Malik and Prabhat Kumar -Publisher Ocean books at the launch of TaleSpin
L-R -Debut Author Nickunj Malik with eminent writer and playwright Farrukh Dhondy , Nickunj’s daughter Nikita Malik and Prabhat Kumar -Publisher Ocean books at the launch of TaleSpin


The Ambassador of the Hashmeite Kingdom of Jordan, HEMahmoud Mohammad Al Jawarneh with author Nickunj Malik at the launch of her debut book TaleSpin
The Ambassador of the Hashmeite Kingdom of Jordan, HEMahmoud Mohammad Al Jawarneh with author Nickunj Malik at the launch of her debut book TaleSpin


Tale Spin, the book by Nickunj Malik is a compilation of her short stories/published columns reflecting a part of her life in Amman and other places. Nickunj herself is a columnist in Jordan Times, a leading newspaper in Republic of Jordan. Apart from that, she has also written articles for Khaleej Times (Dubai), Star (South Africa), Business Times (Tanzania) and Bahrain Tribune (Bahrain).

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At SATTVIKO, flavors come in combination with yogic delights

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If the pictures have made you hungry, read on to know about the place where you can treat yourself with the above food.

On the days when Indian cricket team plays one of the most hyped IndVsPak World Cup match, you least expect your husband to accompany you out for lunch. But I am glad that my hubby isn’t one of those who sleep, breathe and eat ‘Cricket’. When India had put up a good score of 300 he almost declared that the game was in our kitty and was not very keen to follow it ball by ball. However I wasn’t convinced until the batting line up of our neighbors collapsed in a row.  (Thanks to cricinfo we followed it all on our mobile phone)

Well that was just about the cricket fervor. This sunday I had a media invite for a restaurant celebration and I had invited hubby to come along with me.

To my delight, he had said, I would love to go and explore the yogic delights of sattvik eating. Here he was talking about Sattviko, a fast casual Pure vegetarian Chain in Delhi/NCR  that turned 1 on 15th February 2015 and I had an invite to its anniversary celebration. (One of the advantages of having a blogger wife.) Since my parents live in Nanakpura-New Delhi and we had plans to visit them too, we chose the nearest branch. Sattviko has 4 branches in Delhi-NCR.

At DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj it was easy to locate Sattviko in the food court. The outlet stood all vibrant, colorful and inviting on its first birthday. Here, I must tell you that this branch is just two months old but the celebrations were meant for its inception that led to its first branch in Greater Kailash an year ago. And to commemorate the first successful year, its owners also launched a very needful initiative- Khana Bachao, Desh Badao“.


This campaign is focused on reminding people that we must not waste food. I must say its a good message and many more outlets should join this campaign. If you have been following my blog, you must be aware that I do not talk about food or restaurants until the place or event has something different to offer. The words ‘Sattvik’, ‘healthy dining’, ‘ food for soul’, ‘yoga benefits’  with ‘modern food’, ‘global chain’, ‘best Debutante restaurant’ made me curious about this one.

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No holding back please!!! I wanna be #BefikarUmarBhar

 We have all grown up to our parents, teachers or elders telling us ‘Don’t do this!’ or  ‘Don’t Do that!.’  What I can remember of my childhood is that my parents too never missed a chance to correct me for the little things of life which they thought were very important for my growing up. Restrictions, constraints and circumstances that hold back are things that we humans have learnt to adapt with.

First the people around us tell us and gradually the circumstances, ways of life mold us in a way that we ourselves learn to live with the restrictions. Take for instance, even though I may love to sleep for more than seven hours, can I really afford to do so when I am married, working and have a family to look after. No, not really.  Even though I may strive hard everyday to balance my work and home but so often I fail because either work demands my attention or on some of the days I am not in my best of health. With my expanding waistline, its becomes so important to hold my indulgences in junk food. So the truth is that there are many things that contribute to our stopping. 

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Trang in Thailand- An exclusive Romantic destination

Hey, have you heard about the Underwater Wedding Ceremony that takes place in Thailand? Did you visit the ‘Romantic Destination-Trang’ when you went holidaying in Thailand?

Well, while  I waited to throw this question to my readers through my blog,  I did not lose a minute in querying my friends (two couples) who had visited Thailand for their honeymoon last year. To my surprise they answered in a ‘No’. This made me genuinely curious about Trang because with best known sand beaches, beautiful nature side,  interesting caves, rain forest valleys,  lovely pristine waterfalls and rubber plantations, the land of love is still not known to many people.

Trang, Under water wedding, Discovering Thainess
Koh Kradan, Trang Province ,Southern Thailand

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Yummy and interestingly packed LunchBox just for you!

I often see mommies crib that their kiddos return without eating their packed food which mummy dears pack lovingly. Gladly my Mumma never had issues with me . She tells me that I was a no fuss kid and one of those rare kindergarten student who always returned with a clean, empty box.  I guess I did this because I was a born foodie. And my Mum is an amazing cook (All Mums are). Everyday she would give me an interesting lunch box and I would happily devour it.   :)

I have fond memories in connection with my school Lunch Box. My friends would bribe me with canteen food in exchange of the Aloo-parathas, Spinach sandwiches and ladyfinger vegetable made by her. Back home I would announce these stories to her and she would feel flattered. Next morning I would get a fatter lunch box for my friends too.  She never packed me Maggi, chowmein, idli or pav bhaji. My  friends from other states brought these delicacies sometimes and only on those days I would agree to give them my lunch and they would happily agree to the deal. Even today when we meet in the school reunions, we often discuss the tasty lunches that we have shared and what our Mums cooked best.  

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When I had proposed artistically in design and colors…

This is the story of bold confession from the pages of my love-diary.

#SoundOfLove , Bluestone, Love, Valentines Day
I conveyed the #SoundOfLove through my paint brush.

Six months old in a job as a graduate intern, I had a huge crush on my team lead. As I look back, honestly it was too daring an act to tell him what I thought of him. The reason was he wasn’t too friendly, we had known each other only for a few months, he was older in age and position and more, he was a super workaholic person. No matter what, I have to confess I was totally smitten by his charming smiles and comforting mannerisms.

As cupid played it for me, we were soon teamed for a special project. Thus, my love took over both my heart and mind in a couple of weeks of knowing him better. It became imperative to ease my heartbeats that echoed love at his mere sight.  The arrival of Valentines day came as a signal from God that it was time to move forward. Just out of engineering college, in 2008 I actually raked my brains to produce an innovative, crazy, whacky way of expressing my love to him but I chose to go expressive and bold through my artistic touch, something that I had been doing since my childhood. I wanted him to hear the #SoundOfLove created by my paint brush.

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#GreatDad, my knight in shining armor!


#GreatDad video

I replayed the above video a couple of times till it compelled me to blog about it.The video shows a father reflecting on the question if he really plays a great Dad, while he puts up his responsibilities towards his son. I quite liked the emotional appeal and human connect about the video. It instantly made me think about my relationship with my father and how he has been a great Dad forever. He is the strongest wall on which I can lean anytime.

To be a great father, there isn’t a guide but yes every man definitely want nothing less but the best for their kids. What makes them great is making every possible attempt  to redefine the meaning of fatherhood each and every day. No doubt, we owe so much to these handsome men of our life. They discipline us, love us, lead us, teach us, befriend us, protect us, support us and much more think about our future too . From wiping the poopie butt, running nose to phlegmatic spit-outs in infancy to reading out story-books, satiating queries of my curious mind in childhood to keeping track of doctors, teachers, friends for my overall development in the teenage to standing by my side in all decisions of my life in adulthood, my Dad has done it all for me.

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HiFi in Bollywood


HiFi in bollywood _ coverpage, Rishi Vohra, Book Review


I have confessed it many times that Bollywood fraternity has a fan in me and I never fail to take my daily dose of gossips from entertainment section of newspapers, websites or magazines. So when I was offered to read a book that has ‘bollywood’ in its title and much to offer in the blurb, I did not have the courage to deny it.  Further more, I had read Author Rishi Vohra’s first book and had appreciated it for its touching and unique story line.

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Wandering through time in forts of Picturesque Oman

Omani Landscape, Muscat, Green, Browns, Destination


Everyone who’s been sharing their interesting list of ‘Where to Travel in 2015?’ has definitely touted ‘Oman’ as the next tourist destination.  The oldest independent state in the Arab world with an eclectic mix of both offbeat and adventure, magical and mystic, mountains and deserts, forts and souqs truly deserves to be marked in bold on every traveler’s map. 


Oman, Muscat, Pristine Blue Sea, Beauty has an address

Muscat, Nizwa, Roads

Those who have visited it are lovingly writing about it. Of course, I have been reading and eyeing the details. I enjoy, relate to their opinions and get nostalgic as the beautiful memories of this unspoilt destination are freshly etched in my mind too. My 5 days trip to Oman in last week of October 2014 was definitely one of its kinds. Blogging about it is a great way to relive the fun and glories of the trip.

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An enlightening read is ‘IF Truth Be Told by Om Swami’

I am glad my Author friend, Ismita Tandon ensured that I read the below book from Om Swami ji. I could not attend the launch of the book in Delhi but however my first read of the year has been truly wonderful.  To each one, this will affect differently. Yes, It helped me to extract many answers to the anxious questions of my heart and soul.

Living in the Himalayas in solitude with only a piece of cloth to cover the body and a thin bedding to lie down, it isn’t any man’s forte but after reading his survival and spiritually enlightening story I have developed immense respect for him. Om Swami is the monk who stood through all testing times until he made his inner soul’s cup empty and met Mother Divine in the Himalayan cave.

The complete ‘BOOK REVIEW’ is published here. 


If truth be told, Book Review, A Monk's Memoir, Om Swami


With this post I wish to share some of the ‘Beautiful Lines’ of the book.

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Thaipusam Festival at the Batu Caves in Malaysia

Do you know of the Hindu festival where devotees pierce their tongue and cheek with skewers and hooks ? Everyone is heavily pierced and strangely the piercing leads to no blood because it is believed that it happens due to the blessing of Lord. Also the devotees do not feel the pain, no scar because they go in a trance state when they get it done. This unique one that is celebrated in places which has South Indians populace (India, South East Asia) but at Batu Caves in Malaysia it is a thrilling spectacle.

Thaipusam at Batu Caves, Malaysia, Kuala lumpur, travel
Batu Caves

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Postcard Pictures from KERALA trip of my parents

I was looking forward to a 2 week awesome trip to discover Kerala this March but sadly I did not get selected among Top 25 in the Kerala Blog Express 2 organized by Kerala tourism . Well, not taking the disappointment too much to my heart,  I am hoping that there is always a next time. And before I forget I must thank all 218 well wishers who voted for me.  Yes, I was sixth among the Indian applicants.  :)

Well, Kerala connection doesn’t end here with one contest because I was also excited for my parents south India trip which I had helped them with. Recently, Mum Dad went for a week’s trip to beautiful Kerala and later Trivandrum and came back rejuvenated perfectly. They are back now and I am glad they had a great time there.  So with a smartphone in Dad’s pocket and a lovely bag in Mum’s tow, my parents made the best of their trip. I am glad they have brought me great photos and lots of Banana and tapioca chips to gorge on. No doubt Kerala is immersed in natural colors and God has painted it amazingly. 

Since their return my Mum has been talking about the beaches, temples, lush green landscapes, thundering waterfalls, coconut grooves of Kerala  and other natural attractions. (I must tell you she is a much traveled person, thanks to my Nanaji who was in Railways) while Dad has brought organic spices, ayurvedic oils, medicines and lovely pictures. Before going for the trip, my Dad told me that he was bored of his phone and wanted a smartphone which could click great pictures. I instantly helped him with  Asus Zenphone 5 and see how  judiciously he used it. I am so proud of him.

This post is dedicated to Kerala and my lovely parents who are gradually taking up traveling and moving out of the Indian mentality where ‘Indians never come out of their responsibilities,  keep saving money for their kids and do not travel’.  We need to inspire our parents to travel too. 

Moving on I am keeping my fingers crossed too. Soon I will go on my own discovery trip to one of the top destinations in India.  Hope you enjoy the photo-walk below. 

The city of Kochi in Kerala ranks first in inviting over tourists from all over the world

Kochi City, Blue waters,  Travel photo,

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Dreaming Adventure with Majestic Himalayas


Himalayas-Leh Ladakh
Courtesy: Gio Adventures Gallery

Abode of Snow,
Remote, dynamic, majestic and romantic,
One that breathes out diversity of cultures,                         Adorned in lengths and breaths of superlatives,
The deepest, the tallest, the highest and the grandest,
Breath-taking and wondrous there couldn’t be anything more,
One that is incredibly beautiful and culturally fascinating,
Ah! the mortal traveler in me has caught fascination of the spectacular Himalayas!

It is the one that houses it all,
Enticing and Exhilarating experiences,
Lovely peaks, gushing rivers and glaciers,
The lush green valleys, pristine lakes,
Snow-capped peaks and scenic rivers,
Not to forget the Iconoclastic landmarks,
Varied and rich vegetation,
No less, the mecca for great adventurers and mountaineers.

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