Whats honorable about Killing?

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When you kill-  Life, love, dreams- they are all lost in a flash of a second!


Whose coined the term Honor killing? How can a cold blooded murder be even called a honor killing? My mind has been restlessly asking these questions since I have read about the latest honor killing thats taken place in New Delhi.

I wish someone said the aliens did it so that we could play a blame game and get away. But shamefully, people from our own society who are rooted in the concepts of shame and dishonor of family love to play with blood. I wonder what gives them the strength to kill their own progeny and whats honorable about these killings. Its cold-blooded murder and no less. These insensitive incidences plaguing our society really compel me to think how does it matter to be educated or technology progressed when we are still taking lives for something so trivial as marrying against the parent’s wishes.

For a couple of years, I have been living very close to Venkateswara College of Delhi University and I love the student life that thrives in the South Campus arena. It keeps reminding me of my engineering days in college. Living close to it helps me keep a tab on the happenings in the Delhi university. Last week, a candle light march was done in the memory/protest for a young girl from Venky college who was murdered by her parents because she chose to love and marry a guy who belonged to another caste. The parents who had given birth to her couldn’t imagine their image getting tarnished (as if they belonged to the Tata-Birlas clan) and chose to kill their own girl.  When I read the news it gave me shivers and more it boiled me with anger not just because something heinous as this had happened again in Delhi or it was a girl victim but I felt how could anyone just kill whomsoever they wanted, why there isn’t any fear in the family members when they decide to take a life which is an irreversible process.

A life killed is lost forever. Do the killers ever think of it? The young girl, Bhawna Yadav, had her aspirations, dreams, goals in life. She was in love and she married as per her choice. What was so wrong about it that she had to lose her life? If the parents were not happy, they could have chosen to stay away from her life but how does killing her satisfy their ego. I wish I could ask them personally. It was her life and she could do what she wanted. We all have rights to do what we want. Who are the people who think that they can bully and decide for others what to do and what not.

FATCAT will make you LUCKY

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Who doesn’t love to get lucky? We all do! Thats human tendency. In the age when there isn’t anything called free lunch, each day makes you see severe competition and grueling pressure, if something comes for fun and free, who wouldn’t love it.  The word ‘luck’ or ‘getting lucky’ comes easy but has an enigma about it which no one has been able to decode.  Some people also believe that ‘Luck is a part of Karma’ and thus we know why not everyone gets lucky everyday.

But yet we have staunch believers who hard work patiently and wait for the day when they will get lucky. On a causal note,Every dog has a day, true, isn’t it? But here we will talk only about a game and not about life, but a game that has prizes that can be life changing!

One day I won a ‘full house’ consecutively three times in a Tambola game and that was my lucky day.  I had won some large packets of gems and yet to this day I cherish the moments. Winning has a charm, no doubt about it. We have all loved playing Ludo, Tambola, Poker, Housie in our homes, parties, get togethers.  Winning and losing did matter much, but yes it led to huge engagement and entertainment.

Now, here is a game which makes no great promises but yet sounds very inviting. When you read ‘Getting lucky has never been this easy’, the next question that comes in our mind is ‘How’?  What if I tell you just got to download an app, enter your email address, register and play a game, I am sure you gonna be game for it. Of course, the eligibility age for playing this game is 18 years when its presumed we are grown-up enough to make our decisions.  There may be initial inhibitions like is it about money, betting, lottery etc. Well, the good news is you play the game for free.


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Melaka (Malacca), the historic soul of Malaysia

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 A'Famosa, Porta De Santiago, Melaka Tengah, Malaysia, Portuguese Fort

A’Famosa-- Portuguese Fortress, most photographed hallmark of Melaka.

It was built by the Portuguese in 1511.

Hiya Readers,

I am back from my awesome trips of Oman and Singapore which I won through blogging contests. Both the experiences were absolutely delightful and for the next 6 months I have enough to blog about.  :)

in August happened the Malayisa trip and I have already written a couple of posts about my visit to MALAYSIA which was superbly hosted by Malaysia Tourism. Do check out my Malaysia series. With this post I wanna travel back in time, when the Malaysian sojourn took me to Melaka for 2 days.

The view of Melaka buildings and the the sea beyond it from my hotel room.

I stayed at 17th floor in Equatorial Hotel.

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